Eduardo Salvio, the one who gives Boca the leap in quality with impressive numbers

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El Toto scored in Asunción nothing less than his ninth goal in ten games this year. Everyone wants him to stay, although the club may struggle to pay the remaining fees for his pass.

Five months and 24 days passed for another goal cry from Boca to arrive. And it came from the hand of who he is in this 2020 is the scorer of the cycle (long in time but short in the number of games) of Miguel Ángel Russo at the club. Eduardo Salvio scored nothing less than his ninth goal in the ten games he played in the year (4 in the Cup). Lethal, decisive and with a different hierarchy for the average domestic football.

His celebrations in tribute to the anime series Dragon Ball Z, that he uses for each celebration with his teammates (and that he dedicates to his family), they also earned a place among the fans. Because that top reinforcement who arrived at the club in 2019, was first put a blanket of doubts by his constant injuries. And in 2020, under Russo’s command, he demonstrated his potential beyond the physical, because in all the games he proved to be at a higher level than the average. As in Asunción, with two definitions to win the game against Libertad.

Too This, raised in Lanús and with a history of sacrifices to reach the First Division, he was the one who gave one of the most emotional images before the pandemic stopped, with that endless hug, kneeling on the playing field of La Bombonera, with his mother . Her, doña Tota, was one of the great reasons for Salvio to leave his idolatry in Benfica and come to Argentina to fulfill his dream of dressing in blue and gold. A tough fight against a cruel illness, first from his mother and then from his father, was something that ended up connecting the most sensitive part of Salvio with the Boca fan. The other part began to retrace it on the playing field with a performance from low to high, but with an unexpected scoring side.

His game improved in this change of idea that comes from the Boca bench with the hand of the new DT. Because the very long backtracking routes he got used to in Gustavo Alfaro’s time became less of a requirement with Russo’s scheme, although Toto continued to occupy the same right lane. The freedom to attack, associated with his instinct to have formed as nine of area in the lower areas of Lanús, strengthened what Boca needs: a quality leap in the final meters.

The versions for a possible offer of Arab football (never materialized officially) to take it in recent weeks barely altered a market of passes in which Boca was dedicated not to lose pieces rather than to reinforce with more surnames. But Salvio, it is clear, is a player to retain and his desire to stay in Boca removes for now any possibility of emigrating. Although at the same time their link was fixed with a dollar rate that today was not only out of date: it will also be difficult for Boca to face the fees that still need to be paid to Benfica for its token. For now, their goals are enjoyed in blue and yellow.



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