Ed Sheeran’s manager calls her a “stupid idiot”

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Princess Beatrice has to take it easy. She allegedly injured Ed Sheeran with a sword at a party in 2016. Now the singer’s manager comments on the incident and finds violent words.

It’s been four years since Princess Beatrice, 32, injured Ed Sheeran, 29, with a sword at a party. The singer and his manager never mentioned the princess by name in connection with the incident – until now. But what actually happened?

Princess Beatrice wanted to knight James Blunt

It was 2016 when Princess Beatrice invited to a party at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, Berkshire, the home of her father, Prince Andrew, 60. Among the celebrity guests were the singers Ed Sheeran and James Blunt, 46. The latter had joked that he wanted to be knighted, whereupon the princess took a sword for fun to pursue his wish. When reaching back, however, she accidentally hit the right cheek of the “Thinking Out Loud” interpreter who had been standing behind her.

Royal joke with a bloody outcome

Bloody joke: Princess Beatrice accidentally met Ed Sheeran with a sword at a party.

Ed Sheeran was rushed to the nearest hospital to have the small cut below his eye taken care of, and then returned to celebrate. At first he didn’t even notice what had happened, as he said a few days later in an interview with “Absolute Radio”. “I got hit in the face and thought I was okay and just kept going and then I looked down at my shirt and it was all covered in blood,” the musician recalled.

Ed Sheeran’s manager berates Princess Beatrice

While he never mentioned Princess Beatrice by name, his manager comments on the incident four years later. “We never commented on it publicly,” said Stuart Camp to The Telegraph. However, some people are reported to have suggested lying that it was someone else. Camp finds clear words on this: “I don’t lie just because someone is a stupid idiot. Because someone thinks, ‘I’ll get drunk and I’ll take a sword off the wall.’ That calls for trouble, “said the 29-year-old’s manager. The style of the Windsor ladies

By the way, Princess Beatrice should not have apologized for the accident to this day. “You know, we haven’t heard from her since,” said Camp angrily. Buckingham Palace is said to have declined to comment when asked by the Daily Mail.

Sources used: DailyMail, The Telegraph


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