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A Ecuadorian judge has applied to the international police agency Interpol to “proceed with the red notice” against the 15 convicted in the so-called ‘Bribery case’, Among them is former President Rafael Correa, who currently resides in Belgium.

The Justice of Ecuador ratified in early September a sentence that condemns Correa to eight years in prison for his connection with a plot of illegal receipt of money in exchange for the award of contracts to companies, including the construction giant Odebrecht.

Regardless of the procedural effects, for Correa the sentence meant being out of the race for the elections of February 7, 2021, in which the former president aspired to return to front line as a candidate for the Vice Presidency.

Red notice

Judge Iván León has taken a further step in the accountability claim formally requesting Interpol to issue a red notice, for understanding that there is already a conviction duly executed, according to the newspaper ‘El Comercio’. León has pointed out in a statement that it is “public knowledge” that some sentenced persons are not in the country, including Correa himself.

The text indicates that among these condemned are former Minister María de los Ángeles Duarte, former Secretary Wálter Solís and former Minister Vinicio Alvarado, as well as former deputies Viviana Bonilla and Christian Viteri.

Correa has not been slow to react in this regard and has regretted that the request represents a new “ridicule” for Ecuador. “Of course, we will have to spend again on lawyers, travel limitations, etc.”, he has asserted on his Twitter account. “This is how they seek to break us,” he said before accusing Judge León of being “completely corrupt.”



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