The always controversial Bernie Ecclestone has reappeared before the microphones to talk about the red-hot debate between Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher, on the verge of the Briton reaching the German veteran’s 91 Grand Prix victories.

However, despite the growing discussion that will be further enlivened when Hamilton breaks the record, something that seems certain that it will happen this season, Ecclestone is clear in which side he is.

Schumacher drove more or less alone and Hamilton helps him God knows who with tire pressure and cornering speed. It is not something from Hamilton, but from the entire Mercedes team since 2013, “says the former president of Formula 1, dropping that the Englishman has it easier to win.

Alain Prost was alone in every race and that is no longer the case today, “he added in the interview he gave to AFP. Of course, Ecclestone does not hide his admiration for Hamilton which he classifies as one of the best in recent times.

“I can’t say anything bad about him, you can’t say he’s not good. He’s very talented and he’s among the five best drivers of the last 30 years. Better than Michael or not … impossible to say, “he explains.

“I don’t think other drivers were willing to die for their ideas.”

Also wanted flatter Hamilton’s work off the slopes, where he is a faithful defender of human rights and the fight against racism, as he has demonstrated in recent months with all the protests and incidents in the United States.

“Of the older generation, Senna is the one who would most closely resemble Lewis for his religious beliefs and for being faithful to them. I don’t think other pilots were willing to die for their ideas“, he concluded.