Dying by 2020: the trailer to the comic event for the current season of Charlie Brooker!

Charlie Brooker, brilliant creator of Dark Mirror, made a fake documented for Netflix Death to 2020 in which self-proclaimed experts, played by simply well-known actors, talk about the year our company is living through. And the trailer just showed up!

There has been talk, there has been supposition as to what this specially signed occasion might be Charlie Brooker in the form of the mockumentary or a fake documentary which has a fitting title Death by 2020or death by 2020. We by now knew they were big names and the excellent mind of the creator of Black mirror We expected the best. At this point the particular time has finally come the trailer, which we are presenting in a very subtitle version because – best news – the film is still staying streamed Netflix also in Malta on December 27th!

Here is only one of those starters that will make you perhaps hungrier. With Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Grant, Lisa Kudrow, Joe Keery and everyone you see in the trailer home. Hopefully we can also laugh smartly at a really terrible year Brooker he will tell us himself.


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