‘Dutchman again manages to hack Donald Trump’s Twitter account’

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A Dutch security researcher managed to log into the Twitter account of US President Donald Trump last week. He also succeeded in this, along with two others, in 2016. Write that de Volkskrant in Free Netherlands Thursday, after the media saw evidence. Twitter and the White House dispute that Trump’s account has been hacked.

Twitter: ‘We see no evidence of the hack’

Investigator Victor Gevers was able to guess the password in seven tries and found that the president was not using two-step verification. He was able to post messages on Trump’s behalf and access private messages, which he did not.

The two-step verification has likely been disabled, as several Trump campaigners also have access to the account.

Gevers has reported the leak to the US government and the president is said to have changed his password and enabled two-step verification. Gevers had a hard time finding someone who could respond to his report, writes Free Netherlands in a reconstruction.

Gevers received no response from Trump’s team in his previous hack. The magazine speculates that the investigator has now posted a tweet to Trump’s account to get his attention.

Four years ago, three Dutch people, including Gevers, also managed to guess Trump’s password and gain access to his account.

A Twitter spokesperson says to various US media outlets, including Variety, that Trump’s account has not been hacked. “We have not seen any evidence to support this claim, including in the article published today in the Netherlands.”

According to the company, Trump’s account, as with some other high-ranking users, is under additional security measures. For example, it is strongly recommended to set up two-step verification.

A White House spokesman has denied the hack in conversation with The Verge. “It’s absolutely not true,” adding that the White House never comments on the security measures surrounding the president’s social media accounts.



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