Dutch security researcher Victor Gevers, who calls himself an “ethical hacker,” says he got into the U.S. president Donald Trumpin Twitter account.

The Dutchman writes about it De Volkskrant -newspaper. The magazine has seen screenshots of Gevers hacking. Security experts find Gevers’ claims credible.

Trump has 87 million followers on Twitter and Gevers could have written in his name whatever he wants.

The fifth guess hit

Gevers says he had tried access to Trump’s Twitter account with a few different passwords and combinations last Friday. On the fifth attempt, he was inside. The password was “sleep2020”. It’s an acronym for Trump’s slogan Make America Great Again.

– I assumed I would be excluded after four failed login attempts. That did not happen.

Hacking is naturally illegal and Gevers didn’t start writing anything in Trump’s name. Instead, he contacted U.S. officials and said the president’s information security was in a weak spot.

A few days later, he was contacted by the U.S. Secret Service, the Gevers report had been taken seriously. De Volkskrant has seen an email exchange between Gevers and the U.S. authorities. Trump’s Twitter account has now been made more secure.

You are fired!

Gevers and his two security colleagues accessed Trump’s Twitter account for the first time back in 2016, writes Forbes.

Back then, the password was “youarefired,” meaning you get fired. This was notoriously Trump’s famous saying on the reality TV show Deal.