Dutch Braid: The stylish braided hairstyle for almost every occasion

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They are romantically playful and look beautiful, we’re talking about Dutch Braids. With our instructions and tips, you can easily imitate the sophisticated braided hairstyle.

What is the Dutch Braid?

The Dutch Braid (English dutch = Dutch) is a popular braided hairstyle that creates a 3D effect through braidingso that the braided braid looks like it has been “put on”. But it is also known as the “reverse French braid”, that is, reversed French braid hairstyle.

The type of braiding is very similar to the French braid, with the only difference that the strands of the Dutch Braid are placed under and not over the middle section.

Does the hairstyle sound complicated? It is not, because the Dutch Braid does not require any complex braiding!

These bobby pins here you need to fix the braid.

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Frisurentrend: Dutch Braid

There are many imitators of the braided hairstyle. Stars like Kim Kardashian, her sisters Khloé, Kendall, Kylie and Kourtney as well as Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna or Selena Gomez especially like to decorate themselves with the braid. Mostly they rely on boxer braids, also called double Dutch braids. With the braided hairstyle, two or more braids run parallel to each other over the head, so that all disturbing hairs disappear from the face. If you have mastered the braiding technique of Dutch braids, the boxer braids are not a challenge for you.

Requirements for Dutch braids

  • straight, long and at least shoulder-length hair
  • both thin and thick hair
  • distribute some hair foam in the lengths before braiding, alternatively your damp hair after washing is also suitable
  • avoid unsightly approaches and color them beforehand if necessary

Do you have hair that is too short or would you like more hair? This is not a problem with extensions. Of these here especially many are enthusiastic. The extensions are available in various colors.

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These are the things you should look out for in your hairstyle

  1. Before you start braiding, you should definitely brush your hair thoroughly beforehand.
  2. If your hair is freshly washed, the strands are usually very smooth and slippery. You should therefore either refrain from washing your hair beforehand or use salt spray, dry shampoo or a spray bottle with water to make the hair more grippy and make braiding easier.
  3. When braiding your hair, make sure you do Braid tightly and as close to the head as possible. If you don’t want the braids to look so tight, loosen the finished braids a little at the end.
  4. After braiding, remember to fix the Dutch braid with hairspray and bobby pins so that the braid lasts as long as possible.

You can find good salt spray for the hairstyle trend here.

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Dutch braid for beginners


Braided hairstyles such as Dutch Braids can be implemented not only on long hair, but also on women with medium-length hair.

This is how it works:

  1. Step: Brush your hair away from your face from the front and part a wide section.
  2. Step: Separate this strand into three equal sections so that you have a left, middle and right strand.
  3. Step: start braiding now. To do this, take the right strand and place it under the middle. Do the same with the left strand.
  4. Step: Then always add a few hairs from the side to the right strand before the right strand under put the middle one. Do the same with the left strand.
  5. Step: Repeat the process until you have reached the neck with the braid. Then braid the remaining hair as usual and fix the Dutch Braid with a thin hair elastic and some hairspray.

You can find good hairspray for the hairstyle trend here.

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Instructions for Halfup Dutch Braid

For a loose braid hairstyle, we recommend the half-up Dutch braid. The braided braid looks at least as good as the Dutch braid.

Here there is the right hairbrush for the beautiful hairstyle.

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That’s how it’s done:

  1. Step: Make a side part and brush your hair well.
  2. Step: Divide a wide strand at the top and separate it into three sections.
  3. Step: place the right strand under the middle. Then do the same with the left strand.
  4. Step: Always add some hair from the side to the right strand before starting the right strand under put the middle one. Do the same with the left strand.
  5. Step: Braid your hair until you have reached behind the ear and fix the braid with a thin hair elastic.
  6. Step: Pull the strands apart a little so that the Dutch braid looks fuller.
  7. Step: Fix the braided hairstyle with some hairspray.

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