Dumfries still called up for Orange, sick Ihattaren reports

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Denze Dumfries has received an invitation for the selection of the Dutch national team on Sunday evening. The right back of PSV was initially not called up, but thanks to his shown fitness he can still join the Orange. His teammate Mohamed Ihattaren reported due to illness.

Dumfries was shocked after Köhn’s foul

Dumfries played his first game for PSV earlier in the evening against Willem II (3-0 win) since his corona infection. The 24-year-old defender was unable to play for the Eindhoven team for four games.

“I feel very fit”, he added afterwards FOX Sports. “In the beginning of my corona infection I felt bad for a while, but now I feel good again.”

The captain also made an important contribution to the victory of his team with two assists and completed the ninety minutes. “The trainer said to me in advance: see how long you can last”, he said. “I felt good, so I just kept going.”

Ihattaren had to pass the match against Willem II due to illness.

Denzel Dumfries provided the assist to Donyell Malen’s 3-0. (Photo: ANP)

Dumfries was still frightened after more than an hour of play, when Willem II defender Derrick Köhn stood with his shoe on the shin of the PSV player. The German was immediately red and the eleven-time Orange-international could continue the game.

“He didn’t do it on purpose, but I was shocked”, said Dumfries about the serious foul by Köhn. “I don’t want to lose it, but we all saw what happened.”

The Netherlands will play a friendly international match against Spain in Amsterdam on Wednesday. This is followed by away games against Bosnia (Sunday in Amsterdam) and Poland (November 18 in Poland) in the Nations League. The Orange still has a view of first place in the group and with that a place in the final round of the Nations League.

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