Due to the ‘pingdemic,’ British stores are left with empty shelves

The United Kingdom is experiencing growing concerns about the “so-called” pingdemicFood shortages are a problem. The country is “very worried” and is monitoring the situation. Economy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng was asked about photographs of empty shelves in supermarkets.

A number of hundreds of thousands have received calls via official apps in the United Kingdom to be placed into quarantine. This is a one-week period. They are deemed to be contacting someone who has tested positive in coronavirus.

De term pingdemicIt is a combination of the words pandemic’ (pandemic), and ‘ping’ (pinging telephones).

Companies have complained about the lack of staff due to Brexit, and now they are claiming that it is not. pingdemicThe situation is in danger. According to Sky NewsThe argument was that supply chains are “starting failing” as truck drivers, and others working in the meat industry, are stuck at their homes.

Tesco, the supermarket chain, reported already that it has a shortage in water bottles in its supermarkets. Also, some vegetables are not longer in stock in some stores. The Guardian. Competitor Co-op states that COVID-19 has affected “a large percentage” of its stores.

Police are also affected by this. pingdemic

Some companies are taking matters into their own hands. Bidfood has asked employees who have been ‘pinged” to return to work if they are positive to PCR testing. Andrew Selley, CEO of Bidfood, told the BBCThat its employees are an integral part of the food chain.

The consequences of the Act are not only for the government services, but also for the public. pingdemic. According to the police Sky NewsIt is well-known that many employees are absent from control rooms. Telephone calls are not always answered quickly, so it is difficult to respond to them. Cleveland police claim that employees are being denied leave.

The government thinks about how to take measures

British residents are not legally required to be in quarantine for 10 days after receiving a notification via their app. It doesn’t even need to be put on their phone. It is an urgent warning.

However, people continue to listen and pressure the government to take steps. The government has decided that fully vaccinated individuals will not be required to isolate themselves if they are discovered during contact research.



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