Due to the pandemic, one of Pixar’s biggest bets for 2020 will come directly to Disney + without going through theaters

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Like many other great productions, Soul, the company’s new animated film, will bypass theaters and go nonstop to homes.

The pandemic continues rampaging like a hurricane the calendar of major Hollywood releases for theaters, forcing postponements, cancellations and changes of plans. Now, Pixar announced that Soul, his big bet for 2020, will not be seen in theaters. Instead, the film will arrive directly to the Disney + platform on December 25.

The premiere of Soul in cinemas, one of the great cinematographic bets of the year, was scheduled for June 21, but due to the coronavirus its launch had been postponed, in the first instance to November 20.

However, it was now announced that Soul will go directly to the Disney + platform, finally confirming the rumors that had been circulating for months. In this way, Pixar’s new animated production will follow the same path that many of the Hollywood blockbusters of this strange 2020 traveled.

“A new Pixar movie is always a special occasion, and this heartwarming and humorous story about human connection and finding your place in the world will be a gift for families to enjoy together this Christmas, “said Bob Chapek, the CEO of Disney (owner of Pixar), in a statement.

For its part, Pete DocterThe film’s director commented, “The world can be a tiring and frustrating place, but it is also full of unexpected pleasures.

According to the director, the film investigates what is really important in our lives. “I hope it brings some humor and fun to people in these difficult times,” he added. “Soul It raises a question that we all ask ourselves these days. “

“In international markets in which Disney + is not available and will not be available in the relatively immediate, Soul It will be released in the cinema, on dates that have yet to be announced, “they clarified from the company.

The secrets of the soul, the keys to human nature and the reasons for the identity of each one are the topics to which it refers Soul. Its director, Pete Docter, is the same director of Up (2009), film for which won two Oscars, and of Intensely (2015). In addition, he is the creative director of Pixar.

The goal of the new film is to investigate and imagine how souls are modeled that make each human being unique.

Soul revolves around Joe, a not particularly successful jazz musician (and the first black lead of a Pixar) who, after an unfortunate accident, falls into the Great Origin, the mysterious place where each soul is endowed with unique personality traits before moving to Earth.

There, Joe will not only try to “resurrect” to return to New York but will also meet 22, a cynical and disbelieving soul who despises the supposed wonders of human and earthly life.

Pixar’s new production has an existentialist air and a rather abstract starting point, similar to recent productions, such as the award-winning Coco (2017), among others.

“We went over a lot of philosophy when we did the research for this movie and Albert Camus has this quote that ‘the literal meaning of life is everything that prevents you from killing yourself‘which I think is a really dark way of looking at it, “argued Docter, citing the French existentialist writer and philosopher.

“I think there are many times when we put a lot of value on external things thinking that somehow they are going to change everything for us,” he explained. He added: “But most religions and a lot of research in psychology will tell you that it is not what is outside but the way you look at it and what is inside of you. that we talk about in this movie. “

Like the overwhelming majority of Pixar works, Soul dazzles for its technical excellence, by fascinatingly recreating the gestures of a pianist on the keyboard or by devising an ethereal and highly original representation of the appearance of a soul, among other things.

However, the film also aspires to leave a thoughtful tone for adults, children and adolescents alike. “There are too many family movies with this idea of follow your dreams. And they’re all pretty much the same kind of story – if you believe in it enough, you can fulfill your dreams, “explained co-writer Kemp Powers.


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