Due to panic attacks Van der Wiel is not yet in action for RKC

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Gregory van der Wiel announced on Monday that he has been struggling with panic attacks and anxiety for more than a year. Partly because of this, the right back has not yet taken action for RKC Waalwijk.

‘Work hard every day to make my comeback’

The 32-year-old Van der Wiel writes in an extensive post on his site that the panic attacks started over a year ago, while he was still living in Los Angeles. The former right back of Ajax says that he is “to this day” trying to get rid of his mental problems.

“As a pro I always had the pressure to show the best side of myself no matter how I felt. I always put my emotions aside and that’s something that has built up over the years. Frustration, anger, disappointment, sadness I put it all aside and continued with my life and career “, says Van der Wiel.

The 46-time international of Orange, who had a starting place in the World Cup final of 2010, signed after changeable years with Paris Saint-Germain (2012-2016), Fenerbahçe (2016-2017) and Cagliari (summer 2017-February 2018) He signed a contract with FC Toronto in Major League Soccer (MLS) at the beginning of 2018, but he had to leave after a year due to a conflict with the coach.

“I had a great first year there, I loved the team, the people and the city. I saw myself playing at Toronto for another five or six years. Then I had to leave out of nowhere after a professional and healthy discussion with a coach which I was very good with. It still hurts a lot. “

Gregory van der Wiel signed a contract with FC Toronto at the beginning of 2018 and had it to be in Canada, but had to leave after a year. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Van der Wiel tried to work elsewhere – he even offered to play for clubs in Los Angeles for free – but it didn’t work out. Van der Wiel saw his career in the United States slowly come to an end.

“At that time I kept going and didn’t realize what it was doing to me emotionally,” the fullback now looks back. “I went from a routine life of training every day and playing matches every week to no goals or routine at all. Six months later my panic attacks started.”

Van der Wiel now lives in Amsterdam again and is on the mend. The former Ajax player decided to train with RKC in August, but since then there has been much uncertainty about his future prospects in Waalwijk.

“RKC welcomed me with open arms and offered to help me with everything. It was a no-brainer for me to go there. I’m not there yet, but I’m working hard every day to make my comeback. I know not sure if that will happen, but time will tell. “



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