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Is he really serious? Michael Wendler announced his end at DSDS yesterday evening (October 8) – and sharply criticized the federal government for its Corona policy.

Michael Wendler, 48, wants to get out of the DSDS jury. The singer announced this in his Instagram story and leaves no doubt about his decision: “I will retire from participating in the DSDS show as a juror with immediate effect.” Is he serious?

Michael Wendler: Confusing announcement to the federal government

Apparently yes! The 48-year-old explains: “This is a decision that I made for myself here and now. I repeat: The broadcaster had no influence on my decision, and it did not make this decision, I alone” .

Now it is getting confused: “The reason is as follows: I am throwing gross and serious violations of the constitution and the Basic Law to the federal government with regard to the alleged corona pandemic and its resulting measures. And I am not just doing this alone,” he apparently reads from a sticky note behind the camera.

And it gets even bigger – for the media: “Almost all television stations are guilty, are aligned, politically controlled.”

Twitter users are irritated

The strange Instagram story causes head shaking and malice on social media: “The next corona denier: Michael Wendler goes into the fight against the ‘synchronized’ media and calls on them to ‘be smart’ (sic!) And to him on telegram follow “, writes a user on Twitter. “Now he’s completely crazy,” says another commentator.

Others consider it “fake news”: “Should be a guest at Pocher tonight. It is possible that it is a ‘PR gag’ for it. But I would think that it would be wrong”, speculates a skeptic and plays on Oliver Pochers RTL -Show “Dangerously Honest”, which will be broadcast on Thursday evening at 10.30 pm due to the explosive Wendler statement, earlier than set by the program managers.

It was originally planned that Michael Wendler would appear on TV in the current issue. He did not appear for the last recording on the DSDS set because he brought his wife Laura Müller, 20, to Florida to allow her to enter the country. A video connection from the USA could, however, have been imagined. At least Pocher announced that Wendler would appear on his show on Thursday afternoon. After the incredible statement by the pop star, Oliver Pocher, 42, and his Frau Amira, 28, via Instagram the announcement that he wanted to talk to Wendler’s manager Markus Krampe, 49, about the surprising events.

He is shaken and close to tears. “It’s a shock for me too. It became apparent over a longer period of time,” explains Krampe. Already three weeks ago he found that Michael Wendler had “become more blatant”. When recording the commercial for “Kaufland”, he asked employees to remove their masks and emphasized: “Corona is a huge lie” “.

A call from Pochers to Wendler went unanswered. Michael Norberg, as can be heard on the 48-year-old’s answering machine, apparently does not want to make a live comment.

Shortly before the Pocher show, Krampe reached his protégé on the phone. He looked like he wanted to end his career and never come back to Germany, “as if he wanted to die a hero,” said Krampe.

Dieter Bohlen: “The biggest problems take care of themselves”

Dieter Bohlen, 66, has now responded via Instagram: “You’ve probably already noticed, the bad, bad Wendler is no longer on the jury. And what did my mommy always say to me: ‘Dieter, the biggest problems are often solved by himself ‘”, he jokes in his story. “It has insane reasons. Conspiracy, the world is a disc, well, I don’t know what everything. Corona is also to blame. Oh no, the government. Well, everyone is to blame. For once, I am not,” the DSDS chief juror explains humorously , although Wendler manager Krampe previously stated in an interview with Pocher that Bohlen was audibly shocked by Wendler’s statement during a phone call before the broadcast.

Wendler’s current advertising partner “Kaufland” distances itself: “Our video with Michael Wendler was about fun & irony. However, the limit is reached when people play with the safety and health of people. We have therefore deleted all of the Wendler content & distance us from his statements, “writes the company and refines his statement with the hashtag #nichtegal.

RTL has now confirmed the pop singer’s jury-out. It now remains to be clarified what his irritating statements about the corona pandemic and his allegations against the federal government are all about.

Source used:RTL, Instagram, Twitter


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