Drill for Tokyo 2020: they tested stickers that turn red if a person has more than 37 degrees

The organizers tested the health and safety protocols, because the goal is for the Olympic Games to be held in 2021 even without the coronavirus vaccine.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will be held next year yes or yes. With or without a pandemic. With or without vaccine against Covid-19. This was made clear by the Organizing Committee and the International Olympic Committee. But since at the same time they maintain that they want a “safe for all” Games, this week there were a drill to test the health and coronavirus prevention measures that will be applied at the Games.

During three days the control norms were tested in the access and transit areas for spectators and personnel. Metal detectors, scanners, thermal cameras, and infrared thermometers were tested for measure temperature remotely. And participants were urged to respect social distancing.

“We are testing various measures against the pandemic. Our goal is to demonstrate what we are doing for the safety and security of the Olympic Games,” he said. Tsuyoshi Iwashita, Executive Director of the Tokyo 2020 Security Bureau.

Two dates are in the spotlight: July 23 to August 8 (Olympic Games) and August 24 to September 5 (Paralympic Games). That is why the need for the security protocol to work perfectly.

Wearing transparent face shields and masks, security personnel from a local private company took the temperature with infrared thermometers of chosen “spectators” who went through baggage checks and metal detectors, which are already part of the routine at the airport. I enter some Games. And, of course, they were reminded of the importance of using hand sanitizer and masks.

One of the most innovative measures was the use of stickers thermosensitive, which the volunteers stuck on a wrist. That kind of decal turns red if the surface temperature exceeds 37 degrees, a sign of fever and one of the most common symptoms of Covid-19.

After those first controls, the security personnel asked the assistants to take a sip of their drink, if they had any. The organizers plan to allow spectators to enter the stadiums with a bottle of their own drink, but will require that its contents be tested in advance to verify that they are not harmful substances.

For its own staff, the organization contemplates the use of thermal cameras to check the temperature upon arrival and facial recognition technology.

“This week, we did an experiment and we tried to work with a face shield. And although the temperature was low, I felt the heat. At the Games there will be a lot more people and we will be in a much hotter time. I am very worried that my sweat will drip into the face shield. We will have to think about that too, “he said. Kozue Tanno, who works as a security guard.

The tests this week were also aimed at collecting data, such as the time needed for the control per spectator.Other aspects of the protocol are the disinfection procedures that will be carried out at the venues and the steps to follow in the event of an outbreak of contagions. between staff or volunteers.

“We are testing and analyzing different methods and multiple scenarios,” Iwashita said. He added: “We still do not have a correct answer. We are still thinking and planning what to do. That is the great challenge, discovering what kind of method is suitable for the largest sporting event in the world.”

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