Drew Barrymore: the terrible girl who fell in love in ET left the rebellion behind and will host a talk show

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Prodigy actress, she overcame several rehabs for her drug addiction and is on her way to having her own space to take on the role of hostess.

Prodigy actress, terrible infant, director, producer and also model, Drew Barrymore set a new goal by joining the world of talk show hosts. At 45 years old, the artist, who took her first steps there far and long ago with E.T , does not go around with little girls and aims to emulate their idols in the matter: David Letterman and Howard Stern.

Both became stars of the American media, using humor in two of its infinite aspects: ironic in Letterman’s case, raw in Stern’s case. But each, as their careers lengthened, became particularly adept at forcing guests to lower their guard and go beyond the usual “What have you been up to lately?”

“We are all human beings on this planet going through our lives and our trajectories and there is a way to connect through that,” said Barrymore in Key new age. “We don’t have to poke around. I’m not looking to hurt anyone. But at the same time, I like to get under layers. I can’t stand the superficial“He advanced regarding his way of approaching this stage.

The Drew Barrymore Show, issued by CBS Television, you can start to see yourself live -at different times- in cities such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, Dallas and San Francisco, among others.

Several bold personalities will help the actress from 45 years to spend your first crucial week: Reese Witherspoon, Jane Fonda, Charlize Theron, Tyra Banks, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu y Adam Sandler.

On his program, Barrymore hopes that there is a complicity of the public with the star who, after all, they saw grow up since he was 7 years old, when Steven Spielberg catapulted her with E.T.

Going straight for the thrill, the preview of the show CBS recall his appearance with Johnny Carson, when Drew was a kid in the ’80s. Over the years and decades, the precocious figure was acquiring rehabs and a somewhat quirky, hippie personality (“We are all human beings on this planet”). But behind the scenes, the opinion is completely unanimous: “He’s more adorable than irritating.”

The actor’s daughter John Barrymore went through his little problems drugs at an age when most kids worry about using braces on their teeth. its bio indicates three divorces and motherhood for two. She starred in movies like The best of my weddings and Like it was the first time, both with Sandler, playing tender-hearted characters, difficult not to love.

Perhaps more impact that her adult cinema had a memorable moment as a guest, in 1995, on the show Letterman, when he danced on the table and raised his shirt in front of the popular conductor, his “secret love”.

“All the people my age grew up with her,” she said. Elaine Bauer Brooks, head of development for CBS Television. “She lives her life in front of all of us. Has had its mistakes and victories and he always assumed them as part of the journey. It conveys a certain sense of warmth and a sense of wanting to see her succeed. ”

Barrymore, who recently produced and starred in the horror comedy Netflix Santa Clarita Diet, said it was the right time to try hosting a talk show. The show will air from New York, where you live now. It will be broadcast live in the mornings to address events in the world, but only up to a point. Barrymore will focus on celebrity, self-help and comedy segments and leave politics to others.

“For me the Politics provokes a lot of hostility one way or the other, depending on who the viewer is, ” said the actress. “I don’t want people to feel rejected or judged.”

The shippers of course had to adapt to the times of the COVID-19. There will be no audience in the studio, although they will try to connect with an audience via the internet. Through technology, Barrymore may interview a guest that he will appear to be sitting in a comfortable armchair in front of her, even when he is on the other side of the country.

Barrymore values ​​real spontaneity: “I like to go blindfolded and play games because life is too short not to. I know how raw and vulnerable you feel because I was on the other side. I don’t want to make people feel uncomfortable, but I pretend that she talks to us, I’m not shy. I have not had the luxury of being shy in my life “.

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