Actress Drew Barrymore tells in a recent interview about the divorce of the actress Will Kopelmanin with. The couple married in July 2012 and the union ended in 2016.

Barrymore now admits that divorce was a tough place for him. She says she was particularly concerned about the well-being of her daughters.

Born into an acting family, Barrymore was a child star, but fame took its toll. Her parents divorced when she was only 9 years old.

“I grew up without any kind of family, so that was the last thing I wanted for my daughters,” Barrymore says in an interview with the American Today Show.

– I think that’s why the divorce took so hard.

Barrymore and Kopelman have two daughters, 8 years old Olive and 6 years old Frankie. Despite the separation, Barrymore hopes his daughters will feel they got what he himself missed as a child except.

– I wanted to promise them a wonderful family and I found it, he says.

– And then something doesn’t work. You can’t live with it. How tragic is that?

During the separation, everything seemed to go wrong, according to Barrymore.

– When we were resigning, everything seemed wrong. I think it applies to anyone who believes something is eternal and it is not. It’s so hard, he explains.

If the tweet does not appear, you can watch a video clip of the interview from here.

Now, years later, Barrymore says they did everything right, even though he hasn’t been able to let go yet.

– I don’t think he’s recovered from it, he says with a broken voice.

– I don’t know how I could be open to someone again. It’s as if something has closed and stayed closed. I think I’m just as scared as finding new love the fact that it will never happen.