Hours before the first phase of the blockade of TikTok, where Apple and Google would have to block downloads of the application in their respective stores, became official, the China-based social network has received the blessing of Donald Trump, and they have announced officially an agreement with Oracle and Walmart to continue operating without problem in the United States.

The present day Donald Trump announced at a press conference “I have given my blessing”, in reference to a new agreement presented to the Department of Commerce where it has been made official that not only Oracle and Walmart will be involved in the operation of TikTok, but that a new headquarters will be opened and the name of the company will be “changed”.

TikTok Global is born

Although the specific details of the agreement are still unknown, on Twitter the Chinese social network has made it clear that they will have a new headquarters in the United States that will be named TikTok Global, which will house 25 thousand employees and here they will be in charge of processing and storing all the data of North American users, and that is where Oracle will be in charge of managing this to happen.

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A US government spokesperson mentioned that TikTok’s proposal with Walmart and Oracle solves the security problems that worried the president so much. For its part, TikTok mentioned in its official statement that Oracle will act as a “trusted technology provider”, while with Walmart they are working to finalize a commercial association, but that both North American companies can assume up to 20% of accumulated participation in the business.

Safra Catz, CEO de Oracle mentioned in a statement the next:

“Oracle will rapidly implement, scale, and operate TikTok systems on Oracle Cloud. We are one hundred percent confident in our ability to provide a highly secure environment for TikTok and guarantee data privacy to US TikTok users, and users around the world. “

Although the CEO of Oracle speaks of users around the world, it has not been mentioned that TikTok Global will store and process data from around the world, but for now it is said that user data will be processed in the USA.

TikTok could still be blocked if China doesn’t cooperate

Although it seems difficult to happen, the partial blockade that was going to begin to apply in the next few hours has been delayed until next September 27 at 11:59 pm, because for the entire agreement to be applied, the government needs to Chinese firm so that the plans of TikTok, Oracle and Walmart advance, otherwise the blockade of TikTok will begin on September 28.