Both his health and that of his family members are good. All the people who came in direct contact with Dragoş Bucur have been contacted and are in the testing procedure, and the filming has been temporarily stopped until the following news, writes ş

After Dragoş Bucur was positively confirmed, the producers decided that the entire production team, but also the architects and designers should go into self-isolation until the test results are known.

“I got a mild form of the disease, like the flu. Now I’m with my family and we feel good. I hope all the results of my colleagues are good and obviously I am waiting for the resumption of filming at Turnkey Dreams. It was a season full of emotion and I would obviously have liked this interruption not to be necessary, but I am convinced that we will get over this situation extremely quickly. We still have to film, but our audience can watch Turnkey Dreams every Wednesday on PRO TV. I wish everyone health “, said Dragoş Bucur.

This temporary stop will not affect the TV broadcast of Turnkey Dreams, the viewers can still watch the show, every Wednesday, from 20.30, PRO TV announces.