Saying the statement was correct, he stressed that a large-scale vaccine launch would take “several months in 2021” and early use would focus on the vulnerable population and medical staff, according to The Guardian.

He also said it was “very important” for politicians and public figures to follow what science says.

“You can influence the behavior in a positive or negative way. It would be a real shame if we had an effective vaccine, but a large part of the population does not want to be vaccinated because they do not believe in the authorities “, said Fauci.

The expert also said that it is “obvious” that injecting chlorine, a reference made by Trump earlier this year, has nothing to do with science.

Asked about Trump’s claim that he is currently immune and that he could “go out in public and kiss everyone” has to do with science, Fauci said “you already know the answer, he doesn’t.”

He also said that Trump is not right when he advises people not to listen to scientists because they will get depressed, adding that he believes “if we do things wisely, you can respect science and public health measures without the need to shut down the economy. ”

He stressed that the virus will not disappear soon, as Trump claimed, explaining that his statements made in January before the transmission from one person to another were taken out of context.

When asked what Joe Biden said about wearing a mask that could save 100,000 lives by January, he replied that “I’m not sure about that number,” but wearing a mask is true that it can save lives.