Wife of Dr. Dren, 55, a U.S. rapper and producer Nicole Young, 50, filed for divorce in July after 24 years of union. Young said the reason for the difference was irreconcilable differences of opinion.

The financial magazine Forbes has been reviewed by Dr. Dren, real name Andre Romelle Youngin, with a net worth of a whopping $ 800 million, or about $ 710 million.

Entertainment site TMZ has now received the legal documents showing that Young is claiming a temporary, spousal monthly allowance of almost $ 2 million, or about € 1.6 million, from his ex. He is also demanding $ 5 million for legal fees and attorneys ’fees.

According to sources, Dr. Dre is unwilling to pay such money to his ex. Dr. Dren is said to think it is pointless for the wife to shell out some hefty sums, as her lifestyle hasn’t changed a drop since the divorce. The wife still lives in a man-owned Malibu mansion and has all the luxuries of luxury, from lavish cars to personal chefs.

Admittedly, Young has stated that he does not want to be dependent on Dr. Dren’s money in the future and therefore would only need temporary financial support.

The ex-couple also have a disagreement over whether they have a marriage condition or not. Young has said her husband would have forced her to sign marriage papers before the wedding in 1996. However, the wife said the man had been ashamed of his claim and had torn the marriage papers in front of his wife after a couple of years of marriage.

Dr. Dre denies tearing the marriage documents. She is of the opinion that the wife signed the papers of her own free will and that the marriage contract is still valid.

Forbes listed Dren at the top of the most earned musicians of the last decade. Behind him on the list were Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Elton John, among others. The huge amount is largely explained by the fact that Apple bought Dren’s stake in the Beats headset in 2014 for $ 3 billion.

The couple has two adult children, 23 years old Truice and 19 years old Truly. Drella has four children from her previous relationship. Young was previously married to an NBA player Sedale Threattin with.