Dozens of Sparta play a draw against Heracles, FC Groningen wins without Robben

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Sparta Rotterdam is still waiting for its first victory in the Eredivisie. The team of trainer Henk Fraser seemed on their way to the first three pointer of the season against Heracles Almelo, but still had to take the equalizer with ten men. FC Groningen won against Fortuna Sittard without Arjen Robben.

FC Groningen also wins without Robben

After a dull first half without any significant moments, Abdou Harraoui broke the spell for the home club shortly after the break. The Dutch youth international received a falling ball from the edge of the penalty area and did not hesitate for a moment. Because the bet on the way was still touched by a Spartan, Heracles goalkeeper Michael Brouwer had no chance.

Sparta was soon ordered to defend the lead, as Adil Auassar received a red card less than ten minutes later from referee Serdar Gözübüyük for kicking after Rai Vloet. The leader had missed the action of the leader of Sparta, but the VAR called him to the side to view the images. Gözübüyük could do nothing but draw red.

The Castle residents held their ground with ten men, but fifteen minutes before the end, the long-awaited equalizer was on the scoreboard. It was Vloet of all who scored. The attacker aimed the ball in the far corner.

Heracles went on the hunt for the three-pointer in the final phase, but had to be content with a draw. Despite the lack of the first victory in the Eredivisie, Sparta is relinquishing the last place to Fortuna Sittard thanks to the draw.

Jørgen Strand Larsen was the big man at FC Groningen with two goals. (Photo: Pro Shots)

FC Groningen booked their third victory of the season earlier on Sunday. Without Robben, the ‘Pride of the North’ in Limburg was 1-3 too strong for Fortuna Sittard.

At half time it was 0-2. Both goals were scored by Jørgen Strand Larsen. The twenty-year-old Norwegian striker, recruited in September, made his first hits in Groningen service.

In the second half Fortuna bit more away and that resulted in a penalty within ten minutes, which was used by Mats Seuntjens. With a striking free kick, Bart van Hintum made the decision on behalf of Groningen in the final phase.

On the morning before the game it was announced that Robben would miss the game in Sittard. The 36-year-old attacker has some minor physical complaints and did not want to take any risks.

After six Eredivisie rounds of play, FC Groningen is in the subtop. The team of trainer Danny Buijs has ten points. Fortuna is still waiting for the first victory and is second to last.



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