Dozens of Haitian policemen demand the release of a comrade

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Dozens of Haitian Police officers accompanied by hundreds of militants demonstrated this Wednesday through various streets of the metropolitan area of Prince Port to demand the release of one of his companions, Jean Pascal Alexandre, imprisoned for several months.

Some of the policemen carried their firearmsSome wore uniforms and others covered their faces; most of them on motorcycles causing a climate of tension in that area of ​​the capital.

At least two vehicles were set on fire and a local from the National Identification Office (ONI). Loud detonations were heard and numerous tires burned in various places.

This movement is claimed by people who identify themselves as police officers belonging to a group called “Phantom 509”.

Jean Pascal Alexandre is an officer of the Brigade Against Drug Trafficking (BLTS), of the Haitian National Police.

Alexandre was arrested last May 8 by order of the Port-au-Prince Prosecutor’s Office on charges of murder, arson, vandalism, destruction of public property and violation of state security. He is currently incarcerated in the National Penitentiary.

A week ago, “Fantom 509” has spread terror throughout the capital during the demonstrations that it carries out to also demand the release of five other police officers responsible to guard the house of the president of the Haitian Bar Association, Monferrier Dorval, assassinated on August 28 near the residential area of ​​the Haitian president, Jovenel Moise.



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