Mobile platforms will not be allowed to distribute applications, so no new downloads will be possible.

TikTok will continue to operate for at least a few weeks. The Commerce Department said TikTok’s crucial services, such as hosting and transit, will not be banned until Nov. 12, following the US presidential election.

WeChat, on the other hand, will be completely banned from Sunday.

The announcement gives TikTok a break, given that ByteDance, the parent company, is still in negotiations with Oracle, the American consortium that wants to take it over.

TikTok will thus become a global company, based in the USA, and Oracle will be responsible for its operations in the United States and the management of user data, according to some sources.

This agreement will need the approval of Trump and the Chinese authorities.

These two applications were the subject of an executive order issued by Donald Trump in August, in which the president claims that they represent a threat to national security.