Double dose! Tais Araujo will live together in the soap opera of 7 ‘Cara & Coragem’. Details!

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Still involved in the recordings of “Amor de Mãe”, Tais Araujo was cast in the seven-episode soap opera “Cara & Coragem”, which debuts in 2021, to play two characters. But unlike Cauã Reymond in “Um Lugar ao Sol”, the actress will not play twins, but will look alike in Claudia Souto’s story, informs TV columnist Patricia Kogut, of the newspaper “O Globo”. “Cara & Coragem” will replace “Como Mais Vida Melhor”, an unprecedented successor to “Salve se Quem Puder”, which returns to the air only in 2021 after the re-presentation of “Haja Coração”, whose first chapter is this Monday ( 12).

Know how the roles of Tais will be in the soap opera of 7

Lázaro Ramos’ wife will give life to a businesswoman in the steel industry, sister of the villain played by Ícaro Silva and a novel by Fabrício Boliveira. The other role of the actress will be that of a massage therapist who battles in life, but does not leave good humor aside. Paolla Oliveira has also been cast, as a stunt double, Marcelo Serrado and Pedro Novaes. Speaking of Tais, “Da Cor do Pecado” (2004) will be one of the next attractions of the paid channel Viva, as well as “O Salvador da Pátria” (1989) and a new reprise of “A Viagem” (1994).

New ‘Malhação’ season is only for 2022

While Globo is already thinking about the next two plots in the seven-hour band, the broadcaster decided to produce the new season of “Malhação” only in 2022. With that, the cast of “Transformation” was released by the Rio de Janeiro channel and after “Viva a Diferença” another reprise will be aired, an unprecedented fact since the premiere, in April 1995. Names such as Malvino Salvador and Mel Lisboa, as well as beginning actors, were already scheduled. Around six, the cast of “Nos Tempos do Imperador” continues to await the resumption of work, suspended for seven months. The historical plot is the only one so far that has not reopened the studios.

SBT dismissed cast of ‘Poliana Moça’, but may produce soap opera in 2021

After choosing not to renew the contract of more than 80 actors from the soap opera “Poliana Moça”, SBT warned that next year it could resume the work of the children’s plot, whose first season lasted for more than two years. In addition to Sophia Valverde and Lucas Burgatti, Junno Andrade should be in the story if it is actually produced. On the other hand, Record TV will restart recording “Genesis” in the coming days. Pregnant, Talita Younan left the novel that will bring together more than 200 names, such as Pérola Faria, Flávio Galvão and Rafaela Sampaio.

(by Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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