The output of Gareth Bale of the Real Madrid to sign for him Tottenham has caused a dorsal dance in the first team of the white team, where they have not waited for the transfer to become official to reassign the ’11’ that until now the Welshman was wearing.

The League itself made official without knowing it that Bale’s number now passes into the hands of Marco Asensio, who until now had the 20th. The football association updated the list of the numbers for the 2020-21 season, making it clear that Bale leaves his post at the Chamartín club.

Asensio’s number change also means that Vinícius take the ’20’ that up now he wore the balearic. It is a number that the Brazilian already wore in his stage in the Flamengo and to whom he is very attached, as he himself pointed out through his social networks.

It is not the only change related to the Rio striker, who also wanted to wear the ’11’ but had to settle for inherit Asensio’s, since on the League website it appears as “Vini Jr. “instead of” Vinicius Jr. “.

Although Bale’s return to Tottenham is imminent, the Briton still appears among the players that make up the Madrid squad, although it is true that appears on the list with the bib number ’25’. Another case that draws attention is that of de Borja Mayoral, who has earned the trust of Zidane during the preseason and appears with the number ’16’.

  1. Courteous
  2. Carvajal
  3. Militao
  4. Sergio Ramos
  5. Early
  6. Nacho
  7. Hazard
  8. Kroos
  9. Benzema
  10. Modric
  11. Asensio
  12. Marcelo
  13. Casemiro
  14. Valverde
  15. Mayoral
  16. Lucas Vazquez
  17. Jovic
  18. Odriozola
  19. Vinícius
  20. Odegaard
  21. Isco
  22. Mendy
  23. Mariano