He is only 16 years old, but his name is already strong in the music scene. It is true that she was born practically being the star she dreams of being, since she did it within the Bosé family. Something from which, however, Dora tries to stand out. For now, her compositions, her style and her maturity on stage have turned the industry upside down, which already compares her with Rosalía and even with her mother, Bimba, who died three years ago due to cancer.

Was this success expected? I don’t see it as much as a boom because I do not hear the noise from outside, I am quite protected, but there are things that yes, that are very strong and give a bit of vertigo.

What is your secret? My music, always. In the end the music is everything.

How would you define it for all those who do not know it? It costs me a lot, because it is a mix of everything! Dora is a bit of many styles together experienced with pop and electronica.

Do you think there is a lot of clone in the industry and you have to differentiate yourself? A really good artist has his own set up. If you think about it, there are endless options to do different things. Actually there are many copies of copies, but this is how new things come up in the end.

“I don’t understand the comparison with Rosalía because musically we are completely different”

Is it a sought after style or does it come naturally to you? My music comes from the musical references that I listen to. I’m getting ideas.

What do you think of the comparison with Rosalía? Honestly, I don’t get it. I admire her a lot, like many other artists, but I don’t understand the comparison because musically we are completely different.

There is another comparison, with his mother, Bimba. I love that. He is my biggest reference in terms of style and attitude. I am very daughter of my mother.

He has a very defined personality. Yes. Actually I do what I feel, I have no need to do anything to stand out. I always try to be as much myself as possible, a very normal and real 16-year-old girl.

Under what circumstances do you compose best? I always do it in my room. That’s where inspiration comes from the most. I like to lock myself up to do my things, I feel very calm with myself.

“My mother is my biggest reference in terms of style and attitude”

What is easier to compose? I have no more facility to write about one topic or another. You can write about a love theme, but there are many things within that theme. There are so many things to talk about that it is as inspiration strikes you.

He says he goes through life ‘free’. Is it possible to do it with social networks? There is no total freedom for anyone, you can’t. But what you can do is live as close as possible to the ideal freedom of one, but without fucking the other. You just have to propose it.

Do you use them a lot? I am anti-networks. I do not like. They seem like a great invention to me, but they put you in a situation, especially girls and boys my age, that makes you constantly compare yourself with other people. In addition, they magnify reality and cause much concern.

The one that got mixed up after her performance in OT! The truth is that, when I left the set, I did not expect that I would have such recognition. Many people told me about it and there I said: “wow!”. It was pretty cool, an amazing and super pretty experience.

“My father puts my feet on the ground”

How is he able to assimilate all this with his age? Who puts your feet on the ground? My father. My father always.

Are you watching for your head to go off? It is about teaching me how to be myself in my own head, because, in the end, listening to the noise from outside can greatly condition the creative.

Classes just started. How do you put everything together? It is not so difficult. It’s like I have an after-school class, only it’s turned into work. I have such a good time! It’s something I’ve wanted to do all my life, so it doesn’t cost me anything. Well yeah my job is hard for me [risas].

And hours. Do you have to hold back from things that any girl your age would do? The truth is that I am quite a street rat. I go out a lot and I love being with my friends and discovering the world. It seems to me something super important.

“I’m quite a street rat. I go out a lot and I love being with my friends and discovering the world”

He is a member of the Bosé clan, but has fled the surname. Do you have an explanation? Putting it on would have been a bit far-fetched because Bosé is actually my sixth or seventh last name. With Shutter [el apellido de su padre, Diego Postigo, productor musical] I identify myself more, although in truth my artistic name is simply Dora, because I don’t want to associate myself with any other name. It’s me, and that’s it.

We were talking about the comparison with his mother. Would you like to be as loved by the public as she was? I don’t think about it. It’s something that, if it happens, will seem cool to me. And if not, then people miss it [risas]. I just want to be as real as possible, the rest is already people’s decision.

He has worked with Paco León, whom he completely fell in love with … Is incredible. Paco is an awesome artist. What makes me most excited are not the good things he says about me, but the fact of working with him and doing what I like with someone so special.

“I love my generation. It is full of people who want to do things, restless, who rebel against what is not right”

She stars on the cover of this month’s ‘Vogue’ with the tagline ‘Hope’. Is it what is needed in these times? In every bad moment in history we have survived thanks to hope. For me, music is my hope.

Has the pandemic disrupted many plans? Not that much. I keep composing and going to the studio. In addition, the part of concerts and festivals is still on the mark.


  • Singer
  • April 2004 (age 16)
  • Madrid
The young woman from Madrid came into contact with music since she could remember. Her parents, members of The Cabriolets, had a lot to do with her athletic awakening. At age 5 she began to give piano lessons and, at 9, to cover other artists. She has 7 singles on the market.

How do you define your generation? I love. It is full of people who want to do things, restless, who rebel against what is not right. It is a super-hopeful and very active generation.

Would you participate in a television program? TV is fine, but only to show my music. I’ve never really understood talents. They are like winning the lottery: you win it, you are rich, but if you don’t know how to handle it well, you can end up where you started. I find it more effective to do it myself and it makes me more proud.