Doors – Parallax Responsive One Page wordpress theme

“I’m ready to purchase Doors, a Parallax Responsive One Page WordPress theme. I want to create a visually stunning website with easy navigation and user-friendly features.”


Doors: The Ultimate One-Page WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for a modern, responsive, and highly-functional one-page theme for your corporate or agency website, look no further than Doors. This versatile theme is perfect for showcasing portfolios and selling services across a wide range of industries such as digital agencies, hotels & resorts, real estate firms, restaurants and more.

Features of Doors

  • Bootstrap 3.2 Framework: Providing the foundation to build upon with its robust CSS framework that has been used in some of the most popular sites on the web.
  • Demo Data Installation: Using our demo data makes designing your site quick and easy so you can focus on what matters – creating content!
  • CSS Animations & Transitions:Tastefully designed animations add flair to your site without overwhelming visitors or slowing down page loads times.
  • Ajax Contact Form :Add an Ajax-powered contact form that lets users send messages directly from their browser without reloading pages using this feature <Built-in Blog Section :</stron>This feature allows user’s to create blog posts with ease by adding images,texts etc..

Documentation & Support:

The item documentation is extensive also we have created video screencasts covering all sections so you shouldn’t have any problem working with this Theme. If you need support simply open a support ticket at For personal contact please send us an email using our contact form at . When submitting requests include detailed information about issues along with URLs where any problems arise from.We typically respond within 24 hours during weekdays depending on number of requests received. :)

One Page WordPress Themes Redefined

* Version: 4.5 (2022-09-12)
* Update: Unyson plugin

* Version: 4.4 (2020-April)

version history

Version X.Y.Z - Date Month Year
* Feature Added/Fixed/Changed ...
* Feature Added/Fixed/Changed ...

Take advantage now by purchasing Doors today! With endless possibilities available through customization options coupled together impressive features like Bootstrap framework ,CSS animations/transitions among other things which make it stand out among competitors.

Get started right away building stunning websites instantly thanks to demo data installation functionality built into every copy sold! And if ever there should be issues experienced while working within doors' intuitive interface just know help will always be available via dedicated customer service representatives ready around-the-clock(24-hour)seven days week ensuring satisfaction remains top priority for everyone involved !


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