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Don’t mess with Venezuela’s internal affairs


The Chavista leader God given hair He asked the high representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, not to comment on the “internal affairs” of Venezuela, after the Spanish politician criticized the elections that the country will hold in December.

“Don’t be intrepid Mr. Borrel, don’t mess with the internal affairs of Venezuela (…) elections are a constitutional matter, “he said during his weekly television program.

Cabello, president of the ruling party National Constituent Assembly (ANC), said he was “predisposed” to the The EU, as it believes that the community bloc acts against the so-called Bolivarian revolution by rejecting its economic “model”, which the Venezuelan government describes as “socialist.”

US lackeys

“You can’t be such a lackey with the United States. United States he coughs and the flu hits the European Union, (they are) too servile, “he said after assuring that the EU has” supported dictatorships all over the world. “

“Should that European Union legislate (ask) why they let people die who are fleeing the war, “he added.

Borrell considered this Wednesday that the refusal of the Government of Venezuela to postpone Parliamentary election December 6 “will only worsen the situation” in the Caribbean country.

“The press release of the regime of (Venezuelan President Nicolás) Mature in which he refuses to postpone the elections, arguing that he cannot by constitutional mandate only serves to worsen the political situation in Venezuela “, declared Borrell in an intervention before the plenary session of the European Parliament.

Borrel before the Eurocamara

He Spanish politician He went to the European Parliament to explain the diplomatic mission of senior officials of the European External Action Service, especially criticized by the group of the European People’s Party, which called it “clandestine”.

Josep Borrell He rejected such an extreme and recalled that it was requested by Venezuelan opposition groups and the countries of the Contact Group for Venezuela, and all member states were informed of it in advance.

His goal, he said, was to “explore” the “small glimmer of hope” that the regime would agree to postpone the election date to allow more time for dialogue and agree democratic conditions for the opposition to participate.



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