Sweets and desserts are the first to disappear from a healthy diet, right? Well, no, You can actually still eat healthily without banishing cupcakes and cakes from the menu. The way to find this balance is, as always, in logic and common sense but also in following some culinary tricks so that recipes go from ‘cheat’ to ‘fit’ in a jiffy.

Continuing with this argument, the first trick that can be applied to home baking to to be able to eat sweet without feeling remorse is regret. As simple as having a scale and weighing all the ingredients dry, then weighing the final result and calculating the amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that are in the preparation. So, it will be possible to calculate how many macronutrients are ingested with each serving to avoid overdoing your daily caloric balance.

This first option (which can also be the most tedious due to the time that must be devoted to calculations) can be avoided if you are not counting calories on a daily basis. In this case, it is best to opt for healthier preparations and to substitute some ingredients for others. These are some examples:

  • Use light versions. Instead of, for example, betting on whole cream cheese, you can use the 0% version.
  • Yogurt. There are also 0% options, although if for example you want to make a somewhat more protein preparation you can use quark or beaten cheese.
  • Butter The ingredients that are used to provide fat are difficult to replace, so you can bet on healthier versions such as ghee or with less calories such as mascarpone. For the more daring, the butter can be replaced by lentil or almond puree (be careful, this option also has fat).
  • Flour There is a wide range of healthy flour options that do not prevent its use in cooking, although it is one of the ingredients that increases the amount of hydrates in a cake. A part of the flour in the recipe can also be substituted for protein powder: this will give a protein touch to the dish and, in addition, you can choose a flavor that combines.
  • Sugar. This ingredient also has great substitutes, such as dates, bananas … It can even be ignored, it depends on the consumer’s palate. When it comes to quantities, the final consistency of the dough must be taken into account.

In many preparations, the substitution of some ingredients for others involves (especially at the beginning) a process of trial and error which can cause that the first time the result may not be entirely as expected. Do not be overwhelmed, in the end it is about experimenting in the kitchen.

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