Donald Trump’s government revoked the visas of 1,000 Chinese citizens on national security grounds

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This was reported by the conservative Federation for Immigration Reform and, according to the group, is to curb Chinese espionage.

The government of Donald Trump this month revoked the visas of a thousand citizens Chinese on national security grounds, reported the conservative Federation for Immigration Reform of the United States (FAIR).

According to the group, which defends the reduction of immigration and is very close to the Administration of President Donald Trump, the decision of the State Department to revoke these visas responds to the efforts of the Government to stop Chinese espionage through the student visa and immigration system.

The action, according to FAIR, affects Chinese graduate students and researchers studying in the United States and who are suspected may have links with the Chinese Armed Forces and could steal the proceeds of the investigations they are working on.

“Chinese espionage has become in a growing threat for the national security of the nation, “said the conservative entity in a statement.

He added that “many students have direct ties to the Chinese Armed Forces and the ruling Communist Party and are sent to gain knowledge of US cyber, military and technology operations.”

According to FAIR figures, about 370,000 Chinese citizens study study in the United States on student visas, accounting for more than a third of the 1.1 million such permits granted for the 2018-2019 school year.

In late July, the federal police (FBI) launched an investigation nationwide targeting Chinese student visa holders who were suspected of having ties to the Chinese Armed Forces and who had concealed them.

In the midst of that investigation, President Trump forced China to close your consulate in Houston (Texas), which according to the Government functioned as a spy center, within a pattern of espionage and theft of intellectual property by the Chinese Government.

That was one of the most aggressive actionss taken against China since the US established diplomatic relations with that country in 1979, and responds to the confrontational policy adopted by the Trump administration in both the political and commercial areas.

As early as May, according to FAIR, the State Department revoked the visas of some 3,000 Chinese students, an unprecedented number, on national security grounds.

Trump, who is running for re-election in the November election, has repeatedly blamed China of the coronavirus pandemic, of being unfair in the bilateral commercial relationship and of the theft of intellectual and technological property, a rivalry in whose underlying background a struggle for hegemony.

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