Trump has announced that his campaign team will begin court action on Monday.
The White House leader also said Joe Biden was “in a hurry to pose falsely as the winner.”
According to American television projections, Joe Biden will become the 46th president of the United States. They are based on the calculation of the votes obtained in the state of Pennsylvania, after which the Democratic candidate will obtain the electoral score necessary to access the White House position. These are not official results yet.
CNN, Fox News, the Associated Press and NBC News announce the Democratic candidate’s victory as a screening, noting that with the state of Pennsylvania (20 voters) Biden reached 273 votes, three over the threshold to win the presidential race.
Joe Biden preferred to wait until now to claim his victory until the announcement of the final results of the counting of votes.
One of Biden’s advisers told CNN that he was a “traditionalist” and preferred to wait patiently while focusing on the difficult post-election transition period he wants to handle as carefully as possible.
US President Donald Trump’s lawyers will hold a press conference on Saturday at 11:30 local time (16:30 GMT) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the counting of votes continues, EFE reports, and AFP reports that Trump arrived on Saturday morning at his golf club in Sterling, Virginia, his first outing since Tuesday’s presidential election.
Trump announced on Twitter that there will be a “big press conference” in Philadelphia at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping, which is a gardening company, and therefore it is not known if the Republican president was wrong or if the conference really the press will take place there.