After several failures in court and the withdrawal of a law firm from the state of Pennsylvania, Trump’s campaign team, which also reported numerous self-reported statements by voters about irregularities, appointed Rudy Giuliani to lead the legal effort. to return the election result to several key states and especially to Pennsylvania.

After pleading the cause of the campaign in a federal court in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, where his arguments not only did not convince the judge, but Giuliani showed that he did not know the legal meaning of some terms, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer also argued an hour-and-a-half press conference in which he accompanied his allegations of fraud with conspiracy theories.

The US press reported on the fragility of legal arguments that were not supported by credible evidence in several lawsuits, with the result that they were withdrawn or closed. had the support of the Republican Party.

The lawyers, or at least those who remained in the legal battle, committed elementary errors in the lawsuits they defended, reports the Associated Press. They made typos, forgot the judge’s name at the hearings, and filed a complaint regarding the Michigan results in an obscure Washington court. At the same time, they abandoned their main arguments and changed their appeals, although they deny that they did so.

“This negligence is meant to show the lack of seriousness with which these arguments are treated and put forward,” says Rick Hasen, a law professor at the University of California.

The team of lawyers suffered repeated failures being unable to bring those credible evidence that would have brought weight to their case in those key states won by Biden. However, he continued to denounce large-scale electoral fraud seeking to stop the close certification of the election as the counts come to an end and the appeals become irrelevant. from the members of the legislatures of the states possibly for the election of some voters who do not vote for the candidate with the most votes.

Law experts say Trump has not hired top Republican lawyers, while law firms have faced pressure from Trump’s opponents. A large law firm, Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, withdrew from the Pennsylvania trial last week.

According to two sources familiar with the litigation, lawyers at major law firms who have represented Trump have expressed concern in private discussions about legal strategies that cannot be covered by evidence and that it is a wrong move to insist on a false narrative about fraudulent elections.

Just days before a major hearing in Pennsylvania, three lawyers asked to be withdrawn and replaced by Marc Scaringi, a lawyer and show producer who after the election named Biden president-elect and said publicly that there was no evidence-bomb that to overthrow Biden’s victory in court.

But the lawyer who pressed the acceleration hardest and took over the Pennsylvania trial was Rudy Giuliani, who proved he didn’t know what “strict examination” means, a standard for assessing how a law or administrative action impacts rights. constitutional protection of citizens.

Giuliani forgot the names of the other party’s lawyers, confused the judges and confessed that he did not know what the word “opacity” meant when he provided the argument regarding the visibility of the election observers.

“It means I can see, doesn’t it?” Giuliani asked the judge, who explained that in fact “I can’t” to which, in a rhetorical twist, the lawyer replied “Great words, Judge.”

On Wednesday, Trump’s campaign called for a new appeal in Pennsylvania in part to “restore arguments that were inadvertently removed.”

What Giuliani said about the Trump campaign

CNN made an analysis of the facts from Giuliani’s press conference that came with examples from the 1992 film “My Cousin Vinny” to prove that Republican observers were too far away from the workers who processed the votes.

1. The Trump campaign withdrew an appeal filed in the state of Michigan because it achieved its goal, namely to block the certification of votes in Wayne County, where it was voted en masse for Joe Biden. In fact, the results were certified on Tuesday, and even though the two Republican members of the commission voted in favor and then changed their minds, their votes could not be withdrawn.

2. One of the reasons Republicans did not certify votes in Wayne County is the large number of ballots that exceed the number of registered voters at the polling stations. That would indicate “massive fraud,” says Giuliani. Fact: Past elections have been certified with greater discrepancies than in the current election.

3. Electoral observers. Giuliani claimed that more than 600,000 ballots were not “inspected in Pennsylvania,” which makes them void. False: The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that Philadelphia complied with the law on how ballot processing was conducted. Observers were present and were not allowed to inspect each ballot paper counted by the workers to verify the signatures on it.

4. Giuliani suggested that a US Supreme Court judge intervened in Pennsylvania and ruled that “ballots arriving after 8 pm on November 3 should be set aside without being counted.” Fact: Judge Samuel Alito asked the election commissions to follow the rules issued by the Pennsylvania secretary of state, who demanded that the ballots received between November 4 and 6 be separated from the others. The Republican Party has asked the secretary of state to register, separate but not otherwise consider these bulletins.

4. Dominion voting systems and ties with Venezuela. Attorney Sydney Powell has argued that voting systems with programs created by former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez were used to obtain fraudulent votes and that it is a company affiliated with the Clinton and Soros Foundation. In fact, Dominion has no such business ties with Venezuela or the Clinton Foundation or Soros. The lawyer’s arguments are based on connections between Dominion and another company that provides voting technology, namely Smartmatic, founded by two Venezuelans, which was actually used in Venezuela.