Donald Trump made its revelation on Fox’s morning broadcast of his favorite channel.

– I’d love to list Bashar al-Assadin. He was on sight, Trump hesitated.

– But (Jim) real estate didn’t want it. Mattis was a greatly overrated general, and I let him go.

That Mattis was Secretary of Defense for the early years of Trump’s presidency. Mattis’s nickname “Crazy Dog”, which has been awarded many times and is widely appreciated, described his energy and diligence.

The gap between Trump and Mattis went to a dead end when two completely different political cultures collided. Eventually, Mattis retired in late 2018.

In Fox’s interview, Trump also spoke himself badly into the bag. Rumor of Assad’s assassination plan became public as early as the 2018 Washington Post star reporter Bob Woodwardin in the book.

“It was never even considered,” Trump denied at the time.

The assassination of a seated head of state is a fiery plan from the point of view of international law. However, Trump’s will might have gained world sympathy because in April 2017, Assad had attacked his own citizens with banned chemical weapons.

– I don’t think he’s really a good person. I had the option to eliminate him if I wanted to, but Mattis was against it, Trump spun.

– Mattis was largely against everything.

Assad is still the monarch of Syria. He turned to the seemingly threatening Civil War largely only Vladimir Putin with support. With the exception of Russia, Assad has little friends.