Australialaissyntyisen Julian Assangen life has been on hold since June 2012. He then sought refuge at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, fearing that the Swedish authorities’ request for extradition would be a conspiracy to bring him to justice in the United States.

By no means does Assange want to go to the U.S. because the WikiLeaks site he founded revealed several war crimes committed by the U.S. military in 2010-2011. At the same time, the Swedish authorities have also activated the Assange suspected sexual offense, which has already been archived.

Sweden has already handed over the chasing of Assange. It is now clear that also the president of the United States Donald Trump offered him pardon in 2017, but Assange did not seize it.

Trump’s offer was accompanied by a small request for consideration.

According to Reuters, two politicians close to Trump, Dana Rohrabacher and Charles Johnson, met with Assange’s lawyer Jennifer Robinson in 2017. That was when, according to Trump, there was a perfect deal for Assange to continue his life.

– According to the proposal, Assange should have disclosed the source he used in connection with the revelations of the 2016 election campaign, Robinson said.

In practice, therefore, Assange should have found out how WikiLeaks accessed the Democratic Party’s emails. WikiLeaks ’revelations helped Trump beat his rival Hillary Clintonin.

It is widely believed that Assange gained access to material hacked by the Russian intelligence service. Full certainty has not yet been gained to this day.

In any case, Assange understood that he could not jeopardize his sources, as that would be, in effect, the end of the media focused on abuses by WikiLeaks and all other authorities.

Russia has denied hacking the Democratic Party’s emails or otherwise interfering in the U.S. presidential election.

Today, 49-year-old Assange is in a London prison, and according to press reports, she suffers from a chronic illness. The extradition of the man to the United States is currently under trial, in which Robinson also issued his affidavit.