Donald Trump Twitter account blocked for 12 hours

The Twitter account of US President Donald Trump has been blocked for at the least 12 hours due to the tweets he posted in regards to the violent storming of the Capitol, the tech large stated within the evening from Wednesday to Thursday. Fb and YouTube have additionally already eliminated movies from Trump.

In keeping with Twitter, tweets in regards to the storming of the president violate their code of conduct. Twitter desires US President Donald Trump to delete three tweets. After elimination, he could not tweet for 12 hours as a punishment, and so long as the tweets are nonetheless there, his account will even stay suspended.

If Trump continues with such tweets, he could possibly be completely banned, Twitter stated.

Fb and YouTube have beforehand eliminated a video of Donald Trump, wherein he says once more that there was fraud within the election and that the storming is a logical consequence. In the identical video, he additionally calls on the stormers to go residence.

Man Rosen, Fb vp of integrity, says the video is definitely contributing to the violence happening on the parliament constructing. Twitter banned all retweeting of the video as a result of it may doubtlessly provoke violence. Later, the social medium proceeded to delete the president’s newest tweets.



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