Donald Trump tours the United States with the promise of a vaccine and a strong economic recovery

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The president began a tour with harsh attacks against his Democratic rival Joe Biden. The coronavirus, at the center of the electoral campaign.

Donald Trump launched this Tuesday on a tour of Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada in an attempt to contest votes from his Democratic rival Joe Biden, who despite his low profile leads the polls for the November 3 elections in United States.

With the presidential elections eight weeks away, the president visits Jupiter, Florida, to “boast”, on his own terms, for the “environmental advances” achieved during his tenure in this key state.

Faced with the coronavirus pandemic that has left more than 189,000 dead in the world’s leading economy, with historical levels of unemployment, the Republican millionaire wants to outline a double promise: the imminent arrival of a vaccine and a spectacular rebound in the economy.

His position is to blame Democrats for darkening the health landscape and imposing excessive restrictions on the cities and states they control motivated by an electoral calculation and not by public health.

“Democrats will open their states on November 4, the day after the election. These closures are ridiculous and only serve to hurt the economy before the election that is perhaps the most important in our history,” he said on Twitter before to start his tour.

For their part, Republicans accuse Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, of politicize the search for a vaccine against covid-19, after the senator stated that she did not believe “not a word” from the Republican president about it.

For Kayleigh McEnany, a spokeswoman for the White House, the Democrats are playing a dangerous game by sowing doubts on such a sensitive issue.

The official insisted to Fox News that Trump is referring to the scientists’ recommendations, something that according to her has done from the beginning, overlooking several controversies between the president and the science community.

In the middle of a tense weatherMark Meadows, the White House chief of staff, affirmed his optimism about the adoption, before the elections, of a new aid plan, stating that despite the deep differences the two parties can reach an agreement.

Meadows declared his “optimism” in an interview with Fox Business.

In March, Congress approved an emergency bill to unlock $ 2.2 trillion, plus an additional $ 500,000 by the end of April, to address an unprecedented crisis.

Proof of tension, this Tuesday Donald Trump, 74, multiplied his publications on Twitter, in an aggressive series, with several messages dedicated to the press.

The 45th president in the history of the United States, in his search for four more years in the White House, scrapped an ostentatious and expensive campaign style that he had deployed in the boreal spring and at the beginning of the summer under the baton of his director Brad Parscale , who was fired.

“My campaign spent a lot in the beginning to counter false stories and fake news about our version of the Chinese virus,” he defended on Twitter.

Faced with reports of a campaign in financial distress, the real estate mogul said this Tuesday willing to spend his own fortune to try to win re-election.

“If I have to, I will,” he told reporters before traveling to Florida. “Whatever it takes, we have to win.”



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