On Monday and Tuesday night, US President Donald Trump held a campaign event in Sanford, Florida.

Florida will be one of the most important states in the upcoming presidential election, so candidates are investing particularly spectacularly there.

– In 22 days we will win this state, we will win another four years at the White House! inspired the Trump audience.

Just a week ago, Trump was released from a hospital where he had been treated for a disease caused by the COVID 19 virus. In front of his supporters, he said he was in good shape. Trump didn’t wear face masks, but according to news agency AFP, he threw them in the audience.

– They say that I’m immune. I feel so strong, Trump shouted during his hour-long speech.

The speech was full of traditional sayings, some of which were already familiar from the previous election campaign four years ago: the nomination of Hillary Clinton, media criticism, and intimidation with socialism.

In addition, Trump mocked his counterpart, called Democratic Joe Biden, who he called “Sleepy Joe,” claiming that almost no one attended Biden’s campaign. However, the low turnout at Biden’s campaign events can be explained by the fact that, unlike Trump’s events, his events follow the health safety interim recommendations.

Biden criticized Trump’s visit to Florida, accusing him of “inciting fear”.

“Equally dangerous is the fact that he is unable to come up with a plan to curb this virus, which has deprived more than 15,000 Florida people,” Biden said.