“President Donald Trump is working in the conference room at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center,” is the White House’s message, along with an image of Donald Trump with files and papers in front of him.

The image was also shared by the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, with the message: “Nothing can stop him from working for the American people. Tireless “.

But according to the press, the White House posted two images of Trump apparently working, in fact it was a photo session made to mislead the public. Jon Ostrower, editor-in-chief of Air current, analyzed the photo data and found that the images were captured ten minutes apart, but in them the president appears working in two different places.

White House-accredited reporter Andrew Feinberg also analyzed the photos and found that Trump “appears to be signing on a white sheet.”

Many people reacted ironically on Twitter after the images appeared. “She was a reality TV star. As for him, he only had to take photos to promote the song “presidential look” that he sings “, noted a Twitter user.

Another person wrote: “It is the only“ work ”he can do. And in his mind, as long as he feels he is working and being believed, it is just as good, if not better, than doing something. We live the presidency of reality TV “.

Other people have noted that Trump does not wear a mask, although he is in the hospital, where he and other patients are being treated for coronavirus. “It is not a huge surprise that these photos are arranged and I am amused by those who notice that if you enlarge the photo you can see that he is signing a white paper, but it is really terrible that he is not wearing a mask yet. I hope the photographer was not infected because of his vanity, “said Alex von Tunzelmann, who is a historian.

Doctors Sean Conley and Brian Garibaldi said on Sunday at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center that the condition of US President Donald Trump is improving and that the White House leader could be discharged on Monday. Trump tested positive for coronavirus a few days ago.