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His administration was marked by growth in employment and the economy, but also by failures in the face of the health crisis and a controversial international policy.

“Some people think I’m a real genius”. With taunts, insults and mocking tweets, Donald Trump wrote a completely extraordinary chapter in American history.

For his election, he exploited the fears and fractures of the country and fueled them throughout his presidency. But his legacy will be marked as that of a one-term president, a blow for a man who admitted that he does not know how to fit in defeat.

For four years, Americans have witnessed, enthusiastic, anguished or frightened, the unprecedented spectacle of a president who came to power with a bang and no restrictions were imposed.

It is President “showman”, who was a symptom and a multiplier of the country’s fears, He knew how to connect with a sector of the United States that felt forgotten, but always refused, once installed in the White House, to assume the role of unifier.

Even at the peak of the covid-19 pandemic, which has claimed more than 233,734 lives in the United States, when the country was looking for a stable and reassuring voice, He stubbornly rejected any show of empathy.

The 74-year-old president ridiculed the use of the mask, dismissing it as a sign of the politically correct positions he seeks to avoid.

In his stubbornness relentlessly attacked Dr. Anthony Fauci, the most respected immunologist in the country, who has served four presidents and tenaciously remained the voice of science.

Minimized the health threat Introducing himself as a “superman”, even after testing positive and being hospitalized, he missed the opportunity to show compassion in the face of the pandemic.

Institutions, often abused, have demonstrated their strength and a number of indicators – starting with the employment figures– were good for a long time before the devastating impact of the coronavirus.

But his tenure was riddled with scandals, in stark contrast to that of his predecessor Barack Obama. The septuagenarian with the long red tie damaged the presidential function, attacked judges, legislators and officials and fueled racial tensions.

Beyond borders, he intimidated America’s allies, displayed an unsettling fascination for authoritarian leaders, from Vladimir Putin to Kim Jong Un, and attacked a brutal blow to the mobilization against climate change.

Prone to exaggerations, the triumphant face of unbridled populism, the man who, according to writer Philip Roth, uses “a vocabulary of 77 words,” has made his admirers and detractors lose their sense of measure.

The 45th president of the United States also suffered the disgrace of a congressional impeachment that will remain an indelible stain.

“The show is Trump, and there are sold-out shows everywhere. I have fun doing it and will continue to have fun.”

The phrase, taken from an interview that the real estate mogul gave to Playboy magazine in 1990, could have been pronounced yesterday. And apply to each of his days at the head of the world’s greatest power.

This great consumer of hamburgers and Diet Coke, who had become known in American homes thanks to the ‘reality show’ “The newbie”, relentlessly applied a simple rule: occupy the media space, at any cost.


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