Donald Trump supporters marched in Washington against electoral ‘fraud’

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The president greeted and encouraged the protesters from an armored car. Right-wing groups participated.

It may have been the last great farewell of his supporters in Washington and Donald Trump did not want to miss out on living that moment. He dressed in a blue jacket, put on his classic red cap from “Make America Great Again” and got into his caravan of black armored vehicles to greet his people with a huge smile, who had come from all over the country to report a fraud in the November 3 elections, something that all the experts and even the Republican delegates on the ground dismissed.

But, a week after Joe Biden was announced as the winner, the man who refuses to admit defeat, step down from power and begin a normal transition, seeks to wrap himself in the warmth and energy of his own. He seems to want to live until the last moment a parallel reality that is about to disappear.

Hardly anyone with a chinstrap. There were Trump-Pence flags, banners that denounced “stop the theft”, others against abortion and homosexuals, a lot of blue and red, a lot of patriotic music. It was not the expected “March of a million”, the golden figure that the Trumpistas hoped to gather, who see the hope that their leader will stay another four years in the White House disappear. Nor the “hundreds of thousands” that Trump exaggerated in a tweet late in the afternoon.

But there were thousands who came from Florida, Indiana, Michigan and other parts of the United States to question the result that gave Biden the winner as president, with 306 electoral votes over Trump, who garnered 232.

Articia Bomer was screaming because her idol had just greeted her from her truck with little flags. “I saw him, I saw him, he greeted me,” she said excitedly to Clarín. “We came from Detroit, Michigan, to stop this robbery. There was a lot of fraud in Michigan and I’m going to reveal it, ”he added. When asked how she was going to do it she simply replied, “You will see.”

Trump has launched a judicial offensive in several states without providing evidence of irregularities that could change the course of the election. In several states they have already been dismissed and according to the count of the AP agency, which has been doing this work for 180 years,

Biden also won in missing states like Georgia and Arizona. Nothing indicates that the victory of the Democrat is reversible, but equally Trump is reluctant to concede defeat and did not give the order to the Office of Administrative Services of the White House to begin the transition.

Trump had already announced in a tweet on Friday that he was likely to greet his supporters in person. At 10 in the morning (12 in Argentina), when the people were already beginning to gather, he decided to go to his golf course in Virginia and left in a caravan down Pennsylvania Avenue, where his followers began to arrive at the march announced for the midday.

The outgoing president waved behind the window and the Secret Service let some of his followers trot to greet him next to the truck. Trump hid his new hair look under a beanie that he revealed at his press conference on Friday: he turned his traditional orange color to a classic silver tone.

“He is the greatest president of all time,” said Jonas Stalter, a T-shirt with a US flag, who arrived from Fairfax, Virginia to join the voices of protests on a sunny Saturday in the fall. “There are many doubts with the result. How can it be that Trump won Georgia by 15 points and ended up losing in the end? It’s impossible, ”he explained.

It is true that in that state the president began, but then the votes that arrived by mail were counted, most of the urban centers, which are generally Democrats, and thus Biden went back to the end. In an election where more than 100 million people voted by mail, the same thing happened in other states like Pennsylvania.

Beyond weapons, another great danger circulated in the area: the coronavirus. Almost no one wore a mask at the rally as the United States hit another daily world record for new cases, with more than 184,000 registered in the past 24 hours, an increase of 31,000 from the previous day.

The march progressed from Freedom Plaza to the Capitol and the Supreme Court of Justice. At one point, a group from the Proud Boys militia appeared, a white supremacist and anti-immigrant, with camouflaged clothing and military vests and a megaphone with which they roared “USA, USA”.

They did not speak to anyone, but they came to support the president who had come out in their support and who never condemned them for their racist acts. The Washington police prohibited the carrying of weapons these days in prevention of any incident.

In addition, it accounted for 1,413 new deaths in the last day, so the virus has already caused more than 244,000 deaths and 10.8 million cases in the country. Several cities decided to impose new restrictions to curb the third rebound in the outbreak, despite Trump’s refusal to toughen measures at the national level.

Trump returned from playing golf around 3 p.m., as his supporters began to disperse. About 200 kilometers from Washington, the president-elect also did some exercise.



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