Democrats did not stop to think and immediately demanded an explanation for the untimely changes made by Trump, with Mark Warner, the leader of the Democratic senators in the intelligence commission, declaring that the United States enters “unmapped waters” as a result of the president’s movements. However, several experts say that Trump’s new appointments most likely will not be able to use their positions to the advantage of the president, given the military’s refusal to engage in internal political disputes, points out The Guardian.

According to international media reports, Donald Trump’s dismissal of Mark Esper can be attributed to the president’s lack of confidence in the loyalty of the US military chief. During the summer, Esper refused to deploy active duty soldiers on the streets of the United States to take part in efforts to counter the protests of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Replacing Esper with Christopher Miller at the helm of the Pentagon has led to at least two senior resignations. James Anderson, the undersecretary for defense policy, announced his resignation, followed by Vice Admiral Joseph Kernan, the undersecretary responsible for coordinating the intelligence department. Anderson drew attention in his letter announcing his resignation that the White House administration was taking it in a worrying direction. “Now, as always, our long-term success depends on respect for the United States Constitution, an act that all civil servants swear will support and defend,” he wrote.

Who are the new Pentagon chiefs?

In place of Anderson, Anthony Tata has been appointed head of the defense policy department. He is a reserve brigadier general, a novelist and a frequent presence on the conservative Fox News, where he was noted when he described Barack Obama as “a terrorist leader”. He later circulated a conspiracy theory that the CIA had tried to assassinate Donald Trump, providing no evidence to that effect. In April, Tata was nominated for the position of undersecretary of state responsible for the department he now heads as interim, but did not receive Senate confirmation after several of his Twitter posts reappeared in the press in which he expressed some opinions. Islamophobic extreme.

Kash Patel has been named chief of staff of Chris Miller, the new interim Pentagon chief. He is a former Republican adviser, active in Congress and highly visible in the Republican campaign to compromise the credibility of efforts to investigate Russia’s intervention in the 2016 campaign.

Ezra Cohen-Watnick, a former adviser to Michael Flynn, was appointed head of the intelligence department. Flynn is Trump’s first national security adviser, with a short life in the White House and now awaiting a court ruling, being accused of perjury.

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