Donald Trump se ensaña con Fox News

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The US president urges his followers to follow the news on a conservative chain that promotes alleged electoral fraud

The turning point occurred on election night. Ivanka Trump relived the 2016 elections on Twitter and the red-tinted Republican map filled Donald Trump’s campaign team with optimism. But at 11:20 p.m. and with 73% of the vote counted, Fox News awarded Arizona to Democrat Joe Biden. It was the first state to change parties with respect to what was voted four years ago and the fact that the president’s favorite television station announced it so early, even before the major progressive media, ended up ruining the evening.

The outrage of Trump’s surroundings with Fox News on November 3 escalated to the point that Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and main adviser, called Rupert Murdoch, owner of the conservative network, to complain. Since then, Trump has started a smear campaign against the company, encouraging his followers to watch other news channels; some who do not recognize Biden as president-elect.

The biggest difference for Trump between the presidential elections of 2016 and 2020, curiously, is not the result, but Fox News. So he said this morning in a tweet in which he referred to the drop in viewership in daytime programs and the “even WORSE” numbers for the weekend. “They forgot the Golden Goose,” he wrote, an expression whose free translation would be the goose that lays the golden eggs. Apparently he was referring to him. In addition to the criticism, he retweeted a battery of messages from his followers who complained about the coverage of the conservative chain since last Tuesday: some said it was being “unfair”, others “dishonest”, and there was one that even assured that Fox News was “dead.”

Most of the tweets reproduced by the US president mentioned that he would leave the network and start watching OANN or Newsmax TV. The latter is characterized by praising the figure of Trump and in the last week has promoted the unfounded accusation that there was electoral fraud, in addition to other conspiracy theories. Although their small size does not have to project who the winner is, in the world of Newsmax TV Joe Biden is not the president-elect. It is to the right of Fox News and the promotion that the president is doing of its content is working.

Finally, there are hundreds of thousands of Trump followers who believe that there was some type of irregularity in the vote counting and that in the largest television networks they cannot find a speech that reflects their anguish. Newsmax TV evening shows like Spicer & Co Y Greg Kelly Reports they barely scored 100,000 viewers before last week’s elections. Now they are reaching between 700,000 and 800,000 viewers. His numbers have nothing to do with the 1.86 million Fox averages, but he possibly has Murdoch’s channel taking notice.

Trump has reason to take some of the credit for Fox News’s high audience figures. The chain bet on the Republican long before his first nomination for the presidency. Since then, they have fed back. When 60% of Republicans identify the network as their most trusted outlet, the two win when a close relationship is cultivated.

But the union forged over more than four years between Trump and Fox News, which was literally visible during his administration, appears to be nearing its end. This week the conservative news channel cut off the transmission of a press conference by the White House spokeswoman for spreading unfounded accusations of fraud and as published this Wednesday Axios, the outgoing Republican aims to start his own digital media company and undermine Murdoch’s company.

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