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The President of the United States considers “a waste of time” to debate through a screen with his Democratic rival

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, should remain convalescent in the White House after being hospitalized last weekend for coronavirus. However, the president, who signed up voluntarily, maintains a challenging tone in the campaign that has led him to declare this Thursday that he will not participate in the next presidential debate if it is carried out virtually.

Breaking the rules of the campaign and ignoring the Electoral Debate Commission – the body that has dictated that the second debate be virtual – Trump has declared that he considers such a meeting “a waste of time” and will not intervene in it. In the opinion of the Republican, what the commission tries to do with this decision is “protect” the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

“It is not acceptable for my campaign,” said the president in an interview with the economic channel of the Fox network. “That is not a debate. Sitting behind a computer and debating is ridiculous.” The president has insisted not It is “contagious” and that if on October 15, the day the second meeting of presidential candidates is scheduled, the debate is finally virtual, he will use that time to do a campaign act.

Biden’s campaign committee, which in recent days has been concerned about the security of the debate because it will take place less than two weeks after Trump tested positive for coronavirus, has said that the former vice president would participate virtually. Biden had already assured that he would follow the health security recommendations issued by the event organizers and health experts.

Trump’s defiant stance is a complete blow to the legitimacy of the commission that regulates presidential debates since it was founded in 1987. There is no law that says that presidents must debate, only tradition and the norms established with practice to over the years they have been leading the way. Like so many other political institutions in the last four years, the Commission for Presidential Debates must now maintain an unwanted pulse with the president of the nation.

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