Sources close to President Trump told CNN that his main advisers want to start a series of rallies in the style of the election campaign, in order to amplify the unfounded claims according to which the elections were stolen from Donald Trump. After the wave of messages posted on Twitter in which he accused, without providing any proof, that the elections were rigged, Donald Trump now plans to take to the streets to speak out against the electoral process.

Six days after the election, and two days after Joseph Biden was declared president-elect of the United States, Donald Trump refuses to admit defeat, obstructing the transition process and creating the premises for a constitutional crisis. A tough core of counselors and family members are exploring legal and parliamentary strategies to invalidate the outcome, encouraged by the silence of notable Republicans.

So far, only two senators from the presidential party have congratulated Joseph Biden. “President Americans can be confident that the election was fundamentally correct, that its integrity will withstand the challenge, and the outcome is clear,” he said. among others, in the statement of the 43rd President of the United States.

Meanwhile, President-elect Joe Biden continues to work with his team to take power in January 2021. On Monday, Joe Biden will announce the formation of a task force of public health experts to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. On Sunday, Joe Biden’s team announced that it had launched a power transition website at the White House.