In the United States, Donald Trump has discussed his election night strategy with those close to him.

According to online magazine Axios, Trump intends to declare himself an early winner of the election if he is ahead of key Libra-speaking states.

According to three different anonymous sources at Axios, this would require Trump to lead Democrat Joe Biden in counting votes on election night, at least in Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Iowa, Arizona and Georgia.

Experts believe that on election night, Trump is ahead of Biden in Pennsylvania, for example, which is one of the most important Libyan states. Its winner gets 20 voters behind it.

However, the result for Pennsylvania may change radically in the coming days when all votes received by post are included. The state winner can only survive weeks.

Indeed, the Trump campaign is said to plan to suggest that postal votes arriving after 3 November are evidence of electoral fraud and should be rejected. Postal voices are estimated to favor Biden.

On Sunday, Trump was asked if he intends to declare a winner prematurely on election night. He denied Axios’ information untrue.

– I find it appalling that votes are being collected after the election. I find it appalling that states are allowed to count votes long after the election is over, Trump added.