Donald Trump was asked on Wednesday, September 23, if he will ensure a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the elections for a new term in the White House.

The president gave an answer that leaves many questions: “Well, we will have to see what happens,” say journalists CNN. In fact, Trump declined to say whether he would accept the election result and joked that he would remain in office for much longer than the two constitutional terms.

The US president’s reluctance to speak clearly about the power transition is based on his concerns about ballots and e-mail voting. “Ballots are a disaster,” said Donald Trump, referring to the electronic vote he suspects may be rigged.

Just over a month and a week before the US presidential election, Randy Yaloz, the representative of the Republican Party in France, believes more than ever in Donald Trump’s victory in the duel with Joe Biden. The incumbent US president is not favored by polls, but has a “silent majority”, the Franco-American lawyer said in an interview with the French daily “Le Point”.

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