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The president of the United States laughed at the Democrat’s care for the coronavirus. The positive diagnosis transformed the scenario.

For months, Donald Trump mocked Joe Biden for his wary of the coronavirus. But with the head of the White House hospitalized after being diagnosed with covid-19, the Democratic candidate is the only one who continues to tour the country a month before the presidential elections.

It is too early to predict how the Republican president’s illness could affect a particularly aggressive and very peculiar electoral campaign due to the pandemic.

But the medical news that shook the political scene early Friday marked a fundamental turn in the confrontation between the two candidates.

After all, on Tuesday night, in the chaotic debate that brought them together in front of the cameras, Trump, 74, had redoubled his mockery of Biden, 77, for taking too many precautions against the virus.

“I don’t wear chinstraps like he does,” Trump said of Biden during the first televised debate. “Every time you see him, he has a chinstrap. He could be talking 200 feet away (about 60 meters) and he shows up with the largest mask I’ve ever seen,” he laughed.

After declaring the pandemic in March, when Biden was in isolation at his home in Delaware, Trump called him “Sleepy Joe” and said he was “hiding” in his basement, something his followers repeated ad infinitum.

But on Friday, Trump was the one who was forced to stay home, quarantined after his positive diagnosis. And finally he had to go to Walter Reed Military Hospital in Maryland.

Meanwhile, Biden announced that he had tested negative and boarded a plane bound for Michigan, a key state on the electoral battlefield, which Trump secured in 2016.

Former Vice President Barack Obama arrived in the city of Grand Rapids for an event on the economy, but his speech, which he gave with a chinstrap, touched on the theme of the day.

“This is not a question of politics. It is a strong reminder to all of us that we have to take this virus seriously. It is not going to go away automatically,” he said, in what appeared to be a hit to Trump’s repeated insistence that the virus will simply “go away.”

Then the Democrat again called on people to wear masks, wash their hands and maintain social distancing, adding: “Be patriots. This is not about playing tough. It’s about doing your part. Wearing a mask isn’t just It protects one but those around us. “

However, he avoided attacking his rival directly, and avoided questions from journalists all day until his return to Wilmington. Biden he sought to play the role of unifier.

“We can, we will and we must unite,” the Democratic nominee tweeted at night.

His campaign team decided to rremove your anti-Trump advertising after the diagnosis was announced, an official told the AFP agency. This decision was made before the president was admitted to the hospital.

Everyone who attended Tuesday’s debate in Cleveland, Ohio, had previously tested negative. But it may take several days for the virus to be detected in an infected person.

Trump’s relatives arrived with masks on, like Biden’s, but then took them off, the moderating journalist for the duel, Chris Wallace, said on Friday.


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