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The president of the United States was interned on Friday, a few weeks before the presidential election.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, left the hospital where he is hospitalized with coronavirus to greet his followers. He did it from a vehicle, with his chinstrap on, minutes after spreading another video from his Twitter account where he affirms that he is recovering from the disease. The president thus seeks to show that he remains firm in the presidential race.

According to international agencies, the president left for a few minutes and then returned to the hospital where he has been admitted since Friday.

“The work they are doing in this hospital is incredible. I want to thank the doctors, the nurses, everyone,” said the president in the video released from his Twitter account.

And added that learned “a lot about covid.” “This is the real school. This is not the ‘let’s read books’ school, and I understand it, and I understand it, and it is something very interesting,” he said.

Trump is an intern at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. President, 74 years old, he had a fever and cough before being hospitalized late last week.

The next day, Saturday afternoon, Trump gave his own assessment of his health, in a video in which he said he was feeling better. “I hope to come back soon”, he claimed.

Hours before, the chief of staff Mark Meadows admitted to reporters in front of the hospital: “We are not yet on a clear path to a full recovery.” On Saturday night, the president’s GP had expressed cautious optimism, but added that Trump “was not out of the woods yet.”

The different and contradictory statements plunged the White House andn a credibility crisis during this weekend and at a delicate moment, in which doubts about the health of the president and his ability to hold office are growing.

The first informational session offered on Saturday by Presidential Physician Dr. Sean Conley, along with other professionals, raised more doubts than it solved. Conley repeatedly refused to disclose whether Trump had to use an oxygen tube and declined to release certain details, such as how many degrees of fever the president had.

At the same time, it revealed that Trump began exhibiting symptoms of the disease on Thursday afternoon, earlier than what had been published so far.


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