Donald Trump, who suffers from coronavirus-induced COVID-19 disease, has left Walter Reed Military Hospital, where he has been treated since Friday.

Trump himself walked out the hospital doors and walked a short distance straight to the car waiting for him. He didn’t answer questions from reporters, but before getting in the car, he showed thumbs up and raised his fists in the air.

Just before leaving the hospital, Trump sent a tweet announcing that he would begin campaigning soon. At the same time, he criticized the false news about false support measurements.

– I’ll be back soon. The fake news looks like fake galleries, he tweets.

White House doctor Sean Conley has stressed, however, that Trump did not overcome the disease and the danger is not completely over.

– We are cautiously optimistic but wary, Conley said Monday.

During the hospital, Trump received extra oxygen at least twice, but doctors said Trump no longer has difficulty breathing. Because of this, he was able to recover in the White House, where Trump’s current condition can be managed as well as in a hospital.

Earlier on Monday, Trump belittled the coronavirus on Twitter.

– Don’t be afraid of COVID. Don’t let it take control of your life, Trump wrote.