Donald Trump leaves hospital and insists on removing iron from the virus

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Donald Trump turned his voluntary discharge from the hospital into a campaign act and an assertion of himself. Eight minutes late on his scheduled time (6.30 pm local time), the president, infected with coronavirus, left the military hospital by his own decision – after all, he is the Commander in Chief and his doctor is a military man under his orders – in the one who was confined since last Friday. The president descended the stairs of the entrance of the Walter Reed medical center in Bethesda (Maryland, just outside Washington) to make a first gesture to the press with his thumb up. He did not answer any questions. Before getting into the car, Trump repeated the same gesture again and shook his fist as a sign of strength. He then boarded Marine One, the helicopter that took him to a White House that he left on Friday in great confusion about his real health. As reported on his Twitter account, Trump guaranteed that he would be back on the road very soon to continue the electoral campaign.

But the time of night was yet to come. Trump got out of the helicopter to climb the stairs to the rear rotunda of the White House. That was his dramatic moment, a clash of force, a blow of authority that meant that he was strong, that the virus did not matter and that he was there to prove it. He only had to throw the mask on the ground. Although insulting medical decency and the 210,000 deaths in the US from covid-19, it could well be said that what the president did was rather foolish, risky, reckless. Trump has returned to the White House, infected, breaking all kinds of security protocol on the coronavirus.

During the morning Trump decided to skip all the protocols and not wait for his medical team to announce his discharge. Of course via twitter, the president wrote the following: “I will leave the great Walter Reed Medical Center today at 6:30 pm (New York time). I feel very good! Do not be afraid of the covid. Do not let it dominate your life, ”the president wrote, despite the fact that more than 210,000 Americans have died from this disease, from which more than seven million Americans are infected. Trump will continue his convalescence in the White House, but it is unknown if he will be in quarantine or will be related to his team. Trump did not miss the opportunity to breastfeed and in that same message declared that under his Administration very good drugs had been developed. “I feel better than 20 years ago!” He said, as if he had drunk from the fountain of youth instead of being subjected to an aggressive experimental treatment.

Shortly after the president’s announcement came the long-awaited press conference of Trump’s medical team, which once again walked on thin ice. When asked by reporters if they had any concerns regarding his evolution, Dr. Sean Conley stated that they did, albeit highly nuanced. For the president’s doctor, it is still “in unexplored territory” because it is not known how a patient who is administered treatments as aggressive as those Trump has received (including an experimental antibody cocktail) evolves at such an early stage of the disease. disease. For Conley, the key is to get through next weekend evolving well. Despite the fact that the journalists insisted to know what was the last negative test of Trump, Conley refused to answer, citing protection of the information.

President Donald Trump demanded to return to the White House on Sunday without seeming to care that he had to receive oxygen last Friday and Saturday and that he was being treated with drugs that demonstrate the seriousness of the situation he is experiencing. According to sources cited by the chain CNN, “Trump was fed up with the hospital” and, in his opinion, it made him look “weak.” Perhaps that is why the White House has embarked on a confusing communication about the president’s health, full of contradictions and that have earned him very summary criticism. Only due to the addiction of a president addicted to the spotlight and oblivious to the good of others, can one explain his daring to take a victorious drive in front of the fans who cheered him at the Walter Reed Military Hospital, outside of Washington.

The treatment that the president receives collides with the reality of a nearby hospital discharge. Since Friday, information was given on the health of the president, but it was a communication full of gaps that left more questions than answers. Trump had a “high fever” on Friday, but the temperature was not disclosed. The oxygen level dropped below 95% on two occasions, one of them to 93, although it never went below 90%. Doctors gave him dexamethasone on Saturday, which is basically a steroid used in severe cases. On Friday, he was given a dose of an experimental antiviral cocktail. None of the above is compatible with a discharge three days after your admission.

All of the above was said with more or less forceps by the press by the president’s personal physician, Sean Conley, throughout the days since his hospitalization on Friday. And yet the president’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, said on Monday that President Trump was making “incredible progress” and was “ready to return to his normal work schedule.” “He will meet with his doctors and nurses today to conduct additional evaluations of his progress,” said Meadows, in an interview in Fox News. This afternoon [por el lunes], he added, they will make the decision of whether he can leave the hospital and return to the White House.

According to Meadows, on whom all the fury of the president is likely to fall since on Saturday he made much more gloomy statements about his state of health than those offered to the public opinion by the president’s doctor, Trump’s health had improved during the night and there was “optimism” in the Administration about the possibility that he would leave Walter Reed Hospital on Monday. “His treatment has been remarkable,” Meadows said, “and his strength has been incredible.”

Trump began his Monday with a flurry of furious tweets, all in capital letters, but unlike other days of noise and fury on Twitter from the president, this time the president is under the influence of the steroid dexamethasone and with at least four days of receiving the experimental drug Remdesivir, after having been treated, in addition, at first with an experimental antibody therapy developed by the biotechnology company, the pharmaceutical company Regeneron.

The White House has insisted that Trump continues with his presidential duties and has provided a series of photos in which he is seen working in the hospital, in addition to having released a series of videos with messages to make it clear that he is not weak or alien to his role as Head of State. As reported by the public radio station NPR Vice President Mike Pence, who has not been seen in public since Trump fell ill, was due to leave Washington on his way to Utah today as the beginning of a week full of campaign events, whose maximum exponent will be in the debate Tuesday night in front of the Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

The complaints about the handling of an unconventional situation, a serious illness contracted by the leader of the United States, have not worsened. The last to throw her darts has been Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives and second in the line of presidential succession, after Vice President Mike Pence, who has assured that he has not been informed about the status of Trump since he was diagnosed with covid-19. “We are getting our information just like everyone else, in the media,” Pelosi said in a television interview Sunday. The Democratic leader, who tested negative on a diagnostic test on Friday, wished Trump a “speedy recovery.”

From this Monday, the White House will remain low. In the morning, the penultimate piece of the dominoes of the Administration affected by the coronavirus fell. The press officer, Kayleigh McEnany, announced that she had tested positive for coronavirus. At night, before knowing her diagnosis, the White House would send an email to all its employees asking them not to come to work if they had symptoms of Covid-19. “As a reminder, if you are having symptoms such as a sore throat, cough, fever, headache, loss of taste or smell, muscle aches, chills, diarrhea, or shortness of breath, please stay home and do not come to work until be free of symptoms, ”the email said. In the event that symptoms appear in the workplace, the instruction is to “return home immediately” and see the regular doctor, not the White House medical service. A deserted White House to which Trump is preparing to return before an electoral campaign totally to be defined.


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